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Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:13 UTC+1 No.14259796 Report

So /adv/, long story short a buddy of mine asked Girl A on a date, only difference was it being a week after I had. At first he seemed really interested in her, so I backed off and whatever. Fast forward two weeks, and he never spends any time with her, and is instead spending more time with Girl B. Girl B really likes him, and confronted him about Girl A, whom he told her was "just a friend," though he doesn't wat to date Girl B in the first place. Girl A and I really get along quite well, and I spend a lot more time with her than he does.

Would it be wrong for me to try to go out with Girl A?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:19 UTC+1 No.14260024 Report

Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:21 UTC+1 No.14260034 Report

Why would it be?
She's just his friend you faggot.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:21 UTC+1 No.14260038 Report

Your "buddy" is walking allover you and trying to piss on all the women and mark his territory.

You should go out with girl A, but don't be surprised if he tries to work his way back in, then acts like you're stealing his girl.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:24 UTC+1 No.14260048 Report

Is Girl A still dating your buddy? Were they ever exclusive? Do you feel close enough to your buddy to ask him how he feels about you dating her?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:49 UTC+1 No.14260138 Report

Girl A was never dating him.
That's what it seems like, after my other good friend started showing interest in Girl B.that's when he started flirting with her. Mind you, Girl B really likes him.

I also have no interest in Girl B.
I'm probably overthinking things.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:57 UTC+1 No.14260168 Report

I've known guys like this and I can see the pissing territory thing from a mile off now. They can be your best buddies in the world, but they will screw you over hard the second a woman gets involved, even if they aren't that interested.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:59 UTC+1 No.14260172 Report

Nothing wrong with you trying to date girl a in that case.
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