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Anonymous 06/23/14(Mon)23:21 UTC+1 No.14410010 Report

So, /adv/isors, I'm having a serious issue with self-motivation. I'm trying to learn java but I just can't force myself to do it every day -- moreover I can't find any good structured way to learn it. Everyone just tells me to program more and I'll learn -- but I have no motivation to program fucking tetris or pong or other useless shit.

Where do I get this motivation?
Anonymous 06/23/14(Mon)23:28 UTC+1 No.14410034 Report


Sometimes there is no motivation but forcing yourself to do something. I do this by taking something I am motivated to do, usually something recreational, and I tell myself I can't do it until I have met some goal like doing something I am not motivated to do for a certain amount of time.

Then I visualize what a weak willed piece of shit I would be if I seriously couldn't just do that thing for the allotted time in order to get to recreating.

This works pretty well although since it is based on your own willpower you may be tempted to make excuses about why you don't have to do it that day.
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