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/adv/ - Advice - What should I do with my life once I get my shit together?

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What should I do with my life once I get my shit together? Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:49 UTC+1 No.14259904 Report

'Kay, so /biz/ redirected me to you guys for this:

Hey /biz/, I just flunked out of community college. I've set up an appointment with a counselor to see if I can work through this depression bullshit, but I need to think about the long term too. I just got back into employment after a short period of unemployment, so at least I'm not a NEET. Do you /biz/nessmen have any advice as to what path I should take after I get all settled? I can do academic work fine, but being depressed combined with half my teachers being SJWs makes me not want to participate in "higher" learning. Should I go to a technical school, or try and work my up through some kind of corporation?
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