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Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)18:08 UTC+1 No.14241869 Report

Whats the general opinion on dating a friends ex?

For some context, my friend broke up with this girl a few weeks back and they were together a month. He used her as a rebound, they hooked up and he ignored her before finally ending it a week later.

She was pretty cut up about it and having been in a similar situation previously she asked me for advice and we started getting along.

Been a couple weeks since and I feel like asking her out somewhere but i'm not sure if thats a good idea. My friend noticed i'd been speaking to her and claimed he was fine if i got with her.

Still, not sure if i should considering it was so soon since they broke up but at the same time I don't want to wait forever and lose any chance with this girl.

Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)18:11 UTC+1 No.14241876 Report

Generally, no. It creates three opportunities for drama:
1) friend not being over ex (or vice versa) and straining your budding romance,
2) friend being spiteful toward ex (or vice versa) and driving a wedge into your friendship, or
3) ex being too forthcoming about one of your personal details toward the other and causing tension between friends.

It's too hard to avoid all of those. Hell, sometimes they even happen in pairs or a full triplet.

Because they were only together a month, the chances of #3 are substantially reduced. That doesn't change the first two, nor guarantee the absence of the third.

Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)18:16 UTC+1 No.14241888 Report

they were barely together and he claimed he was fine if you got with her

personally I'd wait a couple more weeks but if you have a good sense for feeling out situations (if you think he'd actually be ok with it) then fire at will
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)18:18 UTC+1 No.14241894 Report


Hes a nice guy to have as a friend but admittidly a complete twat to the girls hes with. I'm pretty sure he will give no fucks its more how she feels i'm wary of.


Thanks for this i'll be sure to consider these.
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