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Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)19:45 UTC+1 No.14242066 Report

>cute blonde girl in art class starts talking with me trying to make small talk and getting me to help her
>I figure she's interested so I get her facebook
>she tells me she'd like company for the afterschool live-drawing sessions
>tell her that sure, ee can meet up from time to time
>try to talk to her through FB since we don't have much of a chance during class
>mostly flaky, short, late, forced replies
>figure she's not interested
>she starts being more distant with me, not really paying attention to me (I didnt even ask her out)
>play it her way, don't really give chase
>one day in class, I bring up the topic of a very cute internet friend I kinda got the hots for, and show some people the pirtrait I drew of her.
>she sees it and remarks on how good it is, saying that "she seems to have slight Asian features"
>a classmate remarks "she's really hot, you like her or something?"
>I reply saying that yeah, but she's too far away to make anything work
>now, suddenly the blonde is paying attention to me, making small talk again and trying to get to know me better....

Girls are so confusing... What the hell is going on? Is this blonde into me, or not?

Pic is internet friend btw

Oh, I should also note the blonde is 19, really hot, and has only been with one guy. A bit naive, but EVERYONE in my class is into her and thry all constantly hit on her.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)19:51 UTC+1 No.14242076 Report

She probably finds you interesting because you don't show that much interest in her like, as you say, all the others do. To her you're more of a challenge since she has to compete with this mysterious Asian-looking girl you're into. If you play your cards right you might have a shot, if that is what you want.
We all want what we can't easily have.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)19:57 UTC+1 No.14242086 Report

I'd like to have her for the time being since I do have plans to eventually move near my internet friend... who has confessed to have feelings for me.

I suppose thevtricky part would be pulling that off as something temporary...

Also, I've feigned disinterest for so long now (quite expertly I might add, since I'd just go and give my affection to the one who returns it), that idk how to go about moving things forward without being too 'jumpy' and making it so easy she just pulls away again, but also keeping her in line so that she stays motivated and actually tries.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)20:01 UTC+1 No.14242093 Report

She's lonely, wanted friends, wants to be friends with your "hot" girl friend. Classic college class scenario. Just be friends, don't try to make her jealous or force feels you idiot. Friends make better lovers if you can be fucking mature about it. Which means being friends for a while and figuring out if you are really compatible as lovers.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)20:03 UTC+1 No.14242100 Report

Well, inviting her to go out for a coffee or walk in the park to get to know each other doesn't make you obligated to go for something 'long-term', if you know what I mean. (If you don't: My native language is not English obv.)

Next time she makes small talk with you just suggest doing something together. This should only be a reaction to something SHE says, don't ask her out of the blue when you're discussing something totally unrelated because then she'll know she has your interest.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)20:06 UTC+1 No.14242106 Report

>I'd like to have her for the time being

Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)20:09 UTC+1 No.14242114 Report

Oh, I can already tell you me and the blonde aren't very compatible. Just from the talks we've had. And that friend approach is pretty much what I'm doing with mybinternet friend... who couldn't be any more compatible. Its why we both ended up developing feelings for each other.

Also, I'll gladly be just friends with the blonde (even better if we become sexfriends) in fact, its how I was approaching things till she started playing hard to get. Just so I can get to knowvher better. I didn't even try to make her jealous, I brought up my feelings for my e-friend to try and remove any ideas of what she seemed to think I wanted.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)20:12 UTC+1 No.14242120 Report

because the girl of my affection has bipolar and refuses to LDR cause of the effects it'd have on her mental health.

It's why were "just friends till we meet."

So, I need someone to take care of my feels, or at least give me sexual intimacy where I can't have it.
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