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sex with a cold Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)19:59 UTC+1 No.14242091 Report

I just got a cold and I'm feeling pretty weak.

both me and my gf are feeling really frisky though. she is gonna be outta town for trip for the next four days.

I'm not sure I wanna fuck cause I might get her sick and ruin her trip.

then again, I haven't slept with her for over 5 days now. It'll be a 9 day abstinence.

should I just wait or do it?
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)20:06 UTC+1 No.14242108 Report

Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)21:08 UTC+1 No.14242256 Report

last bump
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)21:21 UTC+1 No.14242289 Report

Just say "Do you want to have sex? I'm still kinda sick so you might catch it." And do whatever she wants. Yeah, there's a chance she'll catch it if you fuck. It's her trip though, so let her decide. Not really a huge issue in my eyes.
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