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tl;dr girl problems Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)11:06 UTC+1 No.14269442 Report

so i've asked a couple of close friends their opinions, but being an anon i wanted to hear anons opinion on this as well. long story, bear with me.

so i met this girl at work about a week ago, we started chatting while we were both outside on a smoke break, she was flirting with me a lot and asked me for my phone number, so we exchanged numbers and agreed to text each other after work. so, i texted her a little bit, maybe 10-15 messages back and forth, then we stopped texting. the next day, she was giving me a hard time for not continuing to text her, mentioned we should take our lunch break together, and seemed very interested in me in general.

so, that night, i made a point to continue texting her, and she happily texted me as well, and we ended up texting each other nonstop for like 5 hours straight, until about 5 or 6am. this continues for the next few nights, she would text me as soon as she got off work(our schedules slightly different, she leaves about an hour after me), and then we would text back and forth for the rest of the night until one of us fell asleep, usually around 6am.

about 2 nights ago, we texted until....well, we never stopped texting, at 8am we had decided we would hang out during the morning / afternoon, until we had to go to work around 4, instead of going to sleep we took adderall and just went through the day together. we were having a great time, and she invites me back to her place, she says she "maybe" needs a ride to work, she's not sure, so i can just chill with her until she needs to go to work. now around this same time, she starts to mention that she has a boyfriend, which she had NEVER told me previously, after hours and hours of nonstop conversation.(continued)
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)11:07 UTC+1 No.14269444 Report

so now, things are feeling kind of awkward, i start to suspect something sketchy is going on, and really don't know how to react. so stupidly, i go back to her place because i would feel bad if i just left her without a ride to work. so we get to her place, and about 15 minutes later her boyfriend shows up.(at this point i find out they live together on their own) so now i really don't know what the fuck to do, and my brain goes into wtf meltdown mode, so i do my best to play it cool, she introduces me to him and we shake hands, and she explains "he gave me a ride today and i wasn't sure if you would be home so i was just having him wait around in case" he seems cool with it, so then i start chatting to him and we shoot the shit for maybe half an hour, at which point, my amphetamine stimulated and completely confused by the situation brain, sort of let it slip without thinking about it that me and her had had lunch together etc, and i realized as i said it that i probably shouldn't have, and stopped talking about it immediately. he didn't seem mad, but maybe i'm wrong. as they're getting ready to leave, her bf uses the restroom, at which point she hugs me and stays real close to me and asks me if i had a good time.(at this point my head is spinning) so anyways, i awkwardly leave not too long later as they leave for work.

so then, when she gets off work 8 hours later, she texts me just as has been usual for the last week, and says "Thanks! Had lots of fun today! We need to hang out again soon!" and then we text each other for a couple hours, and she says she definitely needs a ride to work the next day, and she wants me to come over and hang out with her for a while before she has to work. so i agreed, i go back to her house yesterday afternoon, her bf isn't there this time, and we chilled and played xbox and chatted for about an hour, then i gave her a ride to work.(continued)
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)11:09 UTC+1 No.14269446 Report

about 4 hours later, i get a text from her "this is (girl) i lost my job and idk what to do i'm so scared" so i text her a few times trying to comfort her. "idk what to do i am terrified. i can't tell (boyfriend)" she texts me again about 4 hours later "idk what to do he's so mad and i haven't stopped crying since 8(4 hours ago)", i texted her a few more times trying to cheer her up, then we stopped texting.

so here's my question: what in the FUCK is going on right now? what do you think this girl wants from me? she's the one who started talking to me, asked me for my number, suggested going out together, and bought me lunch, i never initiated anything, and i haven't spent a dime on her thus far. i've come up with a couple possible scenarios at this point, tell me what you think.

1. girl is just stringing me along and using me
2. girl doesn't want to be with her man any more, and wants me to be there for her when she leaves him(ugh, i consider this worst case scenario, i hate drama, on the bright side i would get laid)
3. bitch is just straight up crazy or stupid
4. her boyfriend was pissed when he found out we spent the afternoon together, and made her leave her job so we won't see each other any more, and she's actually lying to me .

thoughts, anon?
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)11:36 UTC+1 No.14269503 Report

*bump* anyone? please?
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)11:47 UTC+1 No.14269519 Report

Noooooot worth it, tell her you you're sorry but you don't like the direction this is taking.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)11:56 UTC+1 No.14269532 Report

This is basically my line of thinking right now, though it breaks my heart kinda because her and I have really hit it off the last few days, she's the first girl I've become actually interested in for a couple years. I'm 24 and she's 19 btw.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)12:05 UTC+1 No.14269540 Report

shes is either:
without any friends but needs a provider (bf) and she thinks she found a friend material (you)

or a giant bitch who plays with guys like you

plot twist
she was allowed to have a 3some

my thoughts? seeing you are already obsessing about her, abort. my money is on option 1.
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