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Siberian husky Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)17:09 UTC+1 No.1663372 Report

What do I do if dog wants to bite me, and is agressive, and I want to tame it. How do I come close to him? How can I create a bond?
Is it enough that I feed him for some time, becouse he will bite if I come close. It's around 5months I think by his looks.
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)17:57 UTC+1 No.1663395 Report

Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)18:32 UTC+1 No.1663402 Report

>What do I do if dog wants to bite me, and is agressive
Surrender it to someone that actually knows how to take care of it, if a dog is displaying bad behaviour it's YOUR fault for being a shitty owner, not the dogs fault.

You should've done your research BEFORE you got a dog, you're already too late now and seeing you didn't bother to do your research you are not capable and you will never be capable of owning pets.
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)18:45 UTC+1 No.1663403 Report

>mistakes can't be corrected
>you make them because you are inferior

Stop projecting your defeatist "logic" on other people, clinically depressed anon.
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)18:51 UTC+1 No.1663404 Report

Op have you spoken to the breeder?
How long have you had the pup?
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)18:54 UTC+1 No.1663405 Report

You must mount it with a full erection to show your dominance, while gently growling sweet sexual aggressions into its ear.

Seriously now

>five month old puppy

It's just playing. All dogs do it at that age, and some smaller mentally impaired dogs do it their whole lives no matter what you do. Yip and gently push its face away whenever it snaps. Never pet it when it's snapping. Never reward it for that behaviour.
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)19:19 UTC+1 No.1663410 Report

I tried the same thing, but some dogs are just too damaged as puppies to safely cohabitate.
>get dog from shelter at 5month old
>Love my dog
>Food agressive from the start
>gets human agressive despite socialization (nips 4 people) , rationalize it'll be ok we'll train her and keep her at home.
>Months of training later NOTHING improves
>got agressive with my cat today and tried to bite the GF when she yelled for the dog to stop
Now I have to put down my dogbro. I love her, but there's just something wrong with her brain.
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)20:00 UTC+1 No.1663426 Report

They make drugs for dogs for mental disorders and illnesses you know.
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)23:12 UTC+1 No.1663547 Report

Maybe I just got him? And maybe I am the one trying to correct his behaviour, for I am a good owner, and I just never had a grown up large dog to take care of
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)23:15 UTC+1 No.1663548 Report

sometimes you just have to flip your shit and beat some sense into a dog
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)23:23 UTC+1 No.1663555 Report

I'm in same position, I just decided to keep him today. Got him 1-2 week ago.
Actually I didn't get him, he kinda killed all my chickens and we kept him so that his owner would show up and pay for the damage and took the dog, but he never showed up, so I took the dog.
He is pretty well trained, but then just out of nowhere he snaps at me, and I wanna get rid of that. For everyone who has advice, thanks.
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)23:24 UTC+1 No.1663556 Report

Ja. I'm not at all for beating dogs. I've never touched my dog except once when he woke me up by headbutting me accidentally and I hit out of reflex lol. But if my dog had to fucking nip at my family/friends after I made it clear to him they're friendly or even worse my fucking girlfriend who's living with me? I'd knock his fucking head around a bit, as big as he is, so he knows not to do stupid shit. Fuck me, my cousin has a rottweiler (what I'm assuming to be a mix) that's almost as big as me and I'm not a manlet. That thing nipped at his 5 year old daughter playfully and he hit it to make sure it didn't do it again. In situations like those you have to apply a bit of physical aggression. Especially with certain breeds. Or else you could be risking serious injury or someone else's life.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)08:01 UTC+1 No.1663836 Report

Why don't you try to find someone else to adopt them rather than immediately going for the kill? Someone might have better luck or be more experienced in training. Not saying you did anything wrong training-wise, but there could be someone a lot better at it. At least give it to a no-kill shelter or something.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)09:11 UTC+1 No.1663858 Report

Just follow this simple scenario
>Dog snaps
>You slap
>begin growling to the tune of dragonforce
>pull down your pants and begin licking your crotch in a show of dominance

It's caesar's way
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)12:39 UTC+1 No.1663912 Report

Maggie was smart and well trained too. Sometimes in dogs like people, their wiring is just off. You can medicate, but that's cost prohibitive, you never know if the dog will juat stop reacting to it, and you can never guarantee that the one day you forget it's meds it won't eat little timmies face off.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)12:41 UTC+1 No.1663913 Report

Also did that with Maggie before. We got Maggie together, so it was that much worse when she tried to bite her.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)15:45 UTC+1 No.1663963 Report

Try consulting a professional.

If he/she says anything like >>1663402 hit them in the face and tell them to shut the fuck up or you'll do it again. Then find another professional.
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)02:23 UTC+1 No.1664979 Report

>being this autistic
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