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A question for /asp/. How...
Anonymous 05/25/14(Sun)17:31 UTC+1 No.415668 Report

A question for /asp/. How useful are drills and counters to pre-determined attacks in a martial art? How do they supplement the martial artist, and how can they be reflected in sparring?
Anonymous 05/25/14(Sun)18:08 UTC+1 No.415678 Report

Muscle memory and correct technique. First you drill, with a partner is far superior than some empty air kata, then you positional spar. And hopefully then your body knows what to do in a real spar. All to improve your chances of winning a real fight, streets or ring.
Anonymous 05/25/14(Sun)18:29 UTC+1 No.415683 Report

Very useful. Its where you start.

First you just practice the movement.

Speed it up to full speed.

Make it more alive when you got the power.

Eventually youre ready for full sparring.

TMA tards think that you never have to move beyond the second step. MMA tards just skip to sparring after a few minutes and never have the technique down well enough.
Anonymous 05/26/14(Mon)02:33 UTC+1 No.415828 Report

>TMA tards think that you never have to move beyond the second step.

this might be the case for those who practice what is often called TMA today, but its not the classical process. full speed is just step one.


"Often with these schools significant core elements and knowledge have been lost to antiquity so that all that remains is the omote or outer shell of the kata. With nothing left but the kata to embrace, these schools often reinterpret their mokuroku (technical syllabus), making the kata the primary driving force of the ryu. When this happens the ryu inevitably degenerates into a simplistic dance where the ura and applications of the kata becomes of secondary focus. These traditions are effectively dead. They are like skeletons attempting to represent a total person."
Anonymous 05/26/14(Mon)02:56 UTC+1 No.415832 Report

I said TMA tards and wholeheartedly agree. Ive dabbled in koryu shit and want to do taichi for the balance and biomechanics (chi) to make myself a well rounded fighter. Being both well rounded and an actual fighter is why I do MMA and supplement with things from various TMAs.
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