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Fighting Question and Boxing...
Fighting Question and Boxing General Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)04:16 UTC+1 No.406388 Report

boxing general

also, friend and i were discussing some training (of any legitimate, practical martial art) versus none in a street fight.

he said, and im paraphrasing but this is basically it, it'd take being on the level of a professional fighter to have an actual advantage in a street fight. that a boxing amateur would hardly have an advantage, if any. it sounded like total hogwash.

don't you have an advantage, say, 6 months into boxing? not a great one, as anything can happen, but still a pretty potent one? i think hes relying too much on his video games and anime to teach him how to fight. he also said how he doesnt want to take up boxing with me just yet because it'd mess with his own "personal style" and the way he punches and he'd have to "relearn' how to punch, and im thinking nigga are you retarded? whatever martial art movie way you have of punching is vastly inferior to actually going to learn the right way.

if i learn how to box for 6 months and do it pretty vigorously, surely i can take most punks who have 0 training?
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)05:19 UTC+1 No.406425 Report

okay so i understand what your friend is saying, but he's being a bitch because 'his way' is probably not as good as boxing. secondly, it actually depends on you, you can't learn something and ask so i can beat most people up right? because your talking like the boxing is going to do the work for you, this is why a lot of martial artists get their asses kicked. because they think their art will do the work for them and get over confident

basically i want to say yeah probably, you'll have an advantage but its all up to you right. remember, one punch can knock your lights out so its all about what you've learned and how you've learned to use it
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)05:46 UTC+1 No.406444 Report

exactly my thoughts. i get what he's saying too, but it's not as good as boxing. full stop.

ah, of course. good response, thank you. i dont actually think the art does it- i do. it's just, me at my full strength and speed with an art as a tool is a thousand times better than me with my senses alone.

is there an official boxing general up, or did i miss it?
if not, this can be it.

im calling a coach later this week. thursday or friday, for information on his gym and such. im very excited, im finally going to start this.

the same buddy that said the OP thing is going to be my workout bro. with that he knows his crap pretty good, but he doesnt cross over to fightan theory too well.

wish me luck bros, i hope it isnt expensive. im super lucky because this dude trained IBO champions, current ones.

...thats good, right? i know IBO isn't as good as the other 4, or as reputable or whatever, but to my limited understanding it's the best of the "lesser" leagues, and is the least corrupt.

regardless, wish me luck, bros. ill be here more frequently for good ol' fighting talk once i actually start.
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