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Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)22:18 UTC+1 No.471296 Report

Hey /asp/, I am looking to buy my first mountain bike. After help from you and /n/ I've got it narrowed down pretty well, now I want help picking a specific bike. I want something I can use for xc and dh. Something that can handle long xc rides and pretty intense dh including drops, and something that will last me a while so I won't have to get a new bike as soon as I get good at mountain biking.

The ones that I like most right now:

Thinking about spending $1500. Not sure if I could make $2k happen but if a $2k bike is way better than all $1500 options, maybe.

I also have the option of buying a new 650b Scott Spark (large, 19") from a LBS for $1299 which is significantly less than retail price (which is around $2k I think). However, it only has about 120mm travel, and based on my research and what I have heard from /n/ and /asp/, I want something in the 140-160mm range. Will 120mm be able to handle intense dh, and small drops (like 3 meters/10 feet, maybe more)? And do Scott bikes suck? I know Scott ski equipment sucks so I'm hesitant to trust anything produced by them, but their bikes seem to be popular.


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Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)22:18 UTC+1 No.471298 Report

The first bike I linked (Moto 3) is tempting. Carbon, almost $4k retail price for under $1575, but the few reviews I've looked at seem to not be super impressed with it. Yet it's going to be my first mountain bike, so maybe any flaws in it are minor enough that I won't know the difference.

Also, it says that it has adjustable 115-160mm travel in front. I am not familiar with adjustable travel, is there any downside to it? Maintenance issues or anything?

Would I be better off getting the new Scott Spark or the used Cannondale Moto 3 or something else? I live just south of Salt Lake City, I would prefer to get something local so I can see it in person before buying and not pay shipping.

I'm right around 6 feet. Not sure how much I weigh, maybe 170? In good athletic shape. I do a lot of cycling, just new to mountain biking.

Thanks for any input.
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)00:18 UTC+1 No.471420 Report

OP here. /n/ recommended the S-Works Enduro in my second link. $2k is a bit over my budget but the seller says he will accept offers. How low could/should I go?
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)19:07 UTC+1 No.473307 Report

OP here again. The guy with the S-Works Enduro already sold it. Looking at the Enduro Evo now. $2k seems a bit overpriced since the guy witht he S-Works was asking the same for a bike with 3x the retail price of the Evo. Should I offer $1500 for the Evo? How much is it worth?
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)19:11 UTC+1 No.473310 Report

Also what about this?

The guy seems to not really know what he's talking about. Claims it has no suspension. Says buyer pays shipping but has it listed as free shipping. Says he doesn't know tire condition, and they 'maybe just need air'. Seems like a great price, but something seems off about it.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)01:45 UTC+1 No.473569 Report

Both pinkbike bikes are already sold, still thinking about >>473310
and http://www.ebay.com/itm/Specialized-Enduro-Large-19-/131254112023?pt=US_Bicycles_Frames&hash=item1e8f5acf17

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