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How do you know when...
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)20:09 UTC+1 No.409144 Report

How do you know when you're ready to compete?
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)20:38 UTC+1 No.409154 Report

You never feel ready to compete. And when you finally do feel ready, you get promoted to a new level where you no longer feel ready.
TKDbravo 05/16/14(Fri)02:52 UTC+1 No.409349 Report

when the ref tells you your bracket is up next
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)02:53 UTC+1 No.409350 Report

pretty much combine these answers

just do it faggot
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)04:09 UTC+1 No.409472 Report

hypothetically, how many years of training would make you actual ready
TKDbravo 05/16/14(Fri)04:14 UTC+1 No.409475 Report

i was competing after 3 months.

do it

you homosex
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)04:15 UTC+1 No.409476 Report

You can compete at any time. It may be lower level competition and you may get your ass kicked, but it's experience.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)06:52 UTC+1 No.409607 Report

but you do TKD, the martial art for skinny babbys
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)06:59 UTC+1 No.409610 Report

This man speaks the truth.

I started competing in TKD while still in the womb.

If you could even call anything done in TKD "competing".
Anonymous 05/17/14(Sat)03:17 UTC+1 No.410248 Report


when you can run 5 miles like it's nothing
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