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Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)23:47 UTC+1 No.361325 Report

I hear a lot of talk about pic related, and I'd like to hear what /asp/ thinks it means and how important it is. I gather it's the will to win, the ability to pick yourself up after a knockdown or even a loss and fight some more, the ability to tolerate pain and hardship in pursuit of one's goals...
My issue is this. If 'heart' alone was enough to win competitions, then the autistic Narutards of the world should be winning UFC every year. You look at the competitors in any field, and you don't think "well that guy obviously doesn't care much". These are people for own pride in their abilities and dedication, hours every day, are poured into one or more disciplines. So how can one man possess it and another lack it in such an environment? Is it merely sociopathic self-belief? And at the end of the day, doesn't strength/ technique/ a good head for it beat any Chinese cartoon logic about perseverance and warrior's spirit?
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)23:52 UTC+1 No.361332 Report

You see the heart of the fighter when he trains. Not when he competes.

Heart can't be explained tho. But you definitely get the idea from watching Rocky, as ridiculous as it gets
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)23:54 UTC+1 No.361338 Report

You've got some serious strawmanning going on here.
When you're painting it as cool-headed technician vs. gutsy chubby weeaboo, of course the weeb is going to get his shit slapped.

It's not a binary switch, where you either have heart or no heart. It's a spectrum, of how much heart you have.
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)23:55 UTC+1 No.361340 Report


Huh, I see. It's a shame you can't really put it across, but I will rewatch Rocky. Interesting idea about it being in the training not the competition. I'll have to be mindful of that in my own training.
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)23:58 UTC+1 No.361343 Report


I'm kind of assuming guts = heart here. I don't think I'm strawmanning, since I was giving an extreme example to make a point. What I'm getting at is, how is such a thing quantifiable? It seems like after the thing's over it's just arbitrarily decleared that the winner had more heart. Rather than that he was lucky on the day, his timing was better, he out-manoeuvred his opponent on this occasion or he was a bit better. I don't understand how heart isn't a nonsense.
Anonymous 04/01/14(Tue)00:06 UTC+1 No.361360 Report

Guts is the ability to fight despite fear. Heart is the ability to keep going even when your system is about to crash and burn, no matter what.

Without heart there's no guts, and without guts there's no heart, but they are not the same thing.
Anonymous 04/01/14(Tue)00:09 UTC+1 No.361364 Report


So guts is more Batman, heart is more Microwave Snake? Apologies for being a nerd on the internet.
Anonymous 04/01/14(Tue)00:13 UTC+1 No.361369 Report

heart is good. but applied talent and greatness destroys heart. see spider silva v. griffin. mayweather v. gatti. shit like that
Anonymous 04/01/14(Tue)00:13 UTC+1 No.361371 Report

if y-you tell me who microwave snake is I could answer you
FatCobra 04/01/14(Tue)00:16 UTC+1 No.361376 Report

Anonymous 04/01/14(Tue)00:19 UTC+1 No.361381 Report


Well, assuming since you don't plan on playing MGS4, and sorry to anyone who for some reason still intends to but hasn't as there are no spoiler-cloaking options on here, Solid/Old Snake is an old man. At the end of the game, shit needs to get done and that involves reaching something that for contrived science reasons is at the end of a very long corridor, all of which is a giant microwave. So as you'd imagine he runs the first leg, then it's a laboured walk, then a stagger, until finally the player is tapping /x/ as the protagonist is coughing blood dragging himself by one arm, staving off death itself so he can hang on just long enough to finish his mission.
Anonymous 04/01/14(Tue)00:21 UTC+1 No.361384 Report


This is about what I had assumed, yeah.
He is a large and scary man.
Anonymous 04/01/14(Tue)00:22 UTC+1 No.361388 Report

Yep. That's heart. Going to the end no matter what because fuck you.
Anonymous 04/01/14(Tue)00:25 UTC+1 No.361394 Report


Then it's a truly admirable quality. But I think Brock Lesnar would have crippled Snake at that point, regardless of how much heart he has. Fighting to the finish is one thing, but in the face of superior talent, skill and fitness surely it's likely not as significant.
Anonymous 04/01/14(Tue)00:29 UTC+1 No.361400 Report


I guess, to elaborate, in large part if two people define themselves as athletes or fighters then they aren't going to stop until they suffer serious injury if only because for such people their sport is their raison d'etre, not to mention the probability of big egos.
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