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I just joined a Taekwondo...
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)16:17 UTC+1 No.405628 Report

I just joined a Taekwondo class for the first time, but I'm having problems. It seems that the sensei didn't bother to teach me the basics, nor tell me if the form of my kicks are correct. He just let me join in on the kicks with other guys with colored belts. So, did I just waste my money on a bad sensei, or does it get better eventually?
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)16:22 UTC+1 No.405630 Report

Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)16:23 UTC+1 No.405632 Report

Does he offer extra classes for beginners?

How many pupils are there in a class? It is really hard for one teacher to take care of 20 people at once.
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)16:27 UTC+1 No.405633 Report

There are only 8 of us.
TKDbravo 05/10/14(Sat)18:32 UTC+1 No.405664 Report

A part of tkd classes i don't nessicarily agree with

is that in beginning of practice (warm up kicks, before mitwork/drills/forms/sparring), the student is expected to perform the kick like the person in the front of the room

The idea is that between a teacher correcting your mistakes before you hurt yourself, and learning to not be such a noob, you learn to mimic others movements by yourself.

the downside of this is that not everyone is the fucking taskmaster

honesty though, is he oldish (60+) and korean?
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