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Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)12:31 UTC+1 No.473154 Report

ITT: we discuss retarded methods in which we've hurt ourselves at training. Skate, parkour, etc fags welcome

>go for single leg on dude
>reap his support leg
>go down
>land with his knee in my liver

Good thing I'm light
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)15:10 UTC+1 No.473197 Report

>be greasy 13-14 year old
>pounding and pounding on my skateboard (as in practising a lot)
>barely just learned ollie
>went straight to kickflip because bad ass
>practising on sidewalk
>go to flick that shit
>ride goofy
>board was a $20 toyshop piece of shit
>trucks snap and I land weird with my right foot. Bust a bone
>didnt think I broke it first
>walk into my house
>go tell mom I fell
>take shoe off
>oh shit, its swollen yo
>son we're going to the hospital
>had to wear a cast up to my knee for a small bone on the side of my foot
>didnt even cry
>got the sympathetic "awww"s from the ladies
>10/10 would break again
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