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Anonymous 06/23/14(Mon)18:22 UTC+1 No.438030 Report

So /asp/ I will be moving to NYC soon for a new job. As one of the positives of NYC, I feel that there are some good places to train for martial arts that I didn't have before. I'm thinking about doing either Kyokushin Karate or Muay Thai. Also vaguely considering Judo or possibly Sambo.

While athletic, I've only done Kendo before, for about two years and some basic Shotokan and kickboxing.

Any opinions on if you could train with some well respected teachers, which martial art should one start a journey with?
FatCobra 06/23/14(Mon)18:39 UTC+1 No.438040 Report



BO-RING. Come on man, you could literally do that shit anywhere. Unless you have the money to access a world-class MT gym, you'd pretty much be wasting the fact that you live in NYC. They have literally everything there, learn something exotic that you'd have no opportunity to learn elsewhere.

Take something like Silat, or Krabi Krabong, or kalaripayattu.
Anonymous 06/23/14(Mon)18:50 UTC+1 No.438045 Report

>Krabi Krabong
>it exists
Kyoko-chan 06/23/14(Mon)19:16 UTC+1 No.438070 Report

Well, if you've done Shotokan, then Kyokushin Karate might seem somewhat familiar with the karategi and the kata. All in all, Kyokushin Karate and Muay Thai are actually quite similar, with the biggest difference being the gloves. They're just different flavors of kickboxing.

It really depends on the prices of the gym, the locations, who's teaching/coaching there, but all in all, if both gyms were pretty equal in terms of quality, the main question you have to ask yourself is this...

What tastes better. Sushi or Pad Thai?
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)08:35 UTC+1 No.442986 Report

Kenzen Institute and NYC Kendo Club
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