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Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)09:02 UTC+1 No.470057 Report

Tall atheletic people are naturally going to be better at Basketball.

People with that weird respiratory/blood disorder are going to be better swimmers naturally.

What kind of people are naturals at BJJ?
Kyoko-chan 07/27/14(Sun)09:07 UTC+1 No.470064 Report

It really depends. Tall and lanky people will have longer limbs and if they're flexible, it'll be easy for them to get triangle chokes or d'arce chokes from weird angles. The downside is that their longer limbs are easier to manipulate and provide more of a leverage point (does that make sense)

You adapt your gameplan to fit your body type. There are many tall, long-limbed Jiujitsu players and there are lots of short, stocky ones too.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)12:58 UTC+1 No.470224 Report

Reach and flexibility is everything. Manlets gonna manlet.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)13:18 UTC+1 No.470230 Report

>What kind of people are naturals at BJJ?

Like this guy said >>470064
>There are many tall, long-limbed Jiujitsu players and there are lots of short, stocky ones too.

You adapt your own style of BJJ to work with your bodytype. There are millions of different ways an armbar is done. The standard armbar from guard, a manlet might do it differently than a lanky person, due to physical limitations etc. It's still the same armbar, but due to body differences, each person needs to figure out a way for the technique to work for them personally.

It's something that you don't "get" until you start doing it for 6 months at least, if you know what I mean.
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