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Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)05:22 UTC+1 No.360854 Report

These are all the current champions in UFC right now

>Heavyweight United States Cain Velasquez

>Light Heavyweight United States Jon Jones

>Middleweight United States Chris Weidman

>Welterweight United States Johny Hendricks

>Lightweight United States Anthony Pettis

>Featherweight Brazil Jose Aldo

>Bantamweight Brazil Renan Barao

>Flyweight United States Demetrious Johnson

Out of all of these fighters which one do you think you can take on no problem?

I could mop the floor with Demetrious Johnson
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)05:27 UTC+1 No.360858 Report

Horribly made picture. Horribly thought out thread subject. 0/10. /thread
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)05:29 UTC+1 No.360859 Report


I take that as a nobody?

Wow. How pathetic are you. Where is your self motivation?
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)05:29 UTC+1 No.360862 Report

I agree these guys are slouches OP. I could take Cain Velásquez pretty easily, he couldn't stand up to my combat Aikido.
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)05:33 UTC+1 No.360864 Report


You joking right

I'm confident you could fight Cain but not with that technique

Nah bruh lets lower dem standards a bit
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)06:11 UTC+1 No.360884 Report

>I'm confident you could fight Cain
What the fuck is wrong with you. Yes I'm joking, no I couldn't fight Cain, and no, you couldn't beat Mighty Mouse in a fistfight unless you're training for eight hours a day like he is.
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)06:19 UTC+1 No.360890 Report


>That fucking runt

His only advantage for being small is being stupid fast with his feet

And you sound like a damn quitter. Cain isn't invincible I mean look at him

underneath all that hamfisted armor is a weak point
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)06:27 UTC+1 No.360900 Report

I can't tell if you're trolling or legitimately deluded.

What is you level of training and how big are you?
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)06:31 UTC+1 No.360904 Report


Currently learning kickboxing been practicing for almost 3 years i'm 6 ft 1

what are you so mad about jesus christ it's not like you'll get drafted to UFC and fight Valesuez in the first match

show some fucking tact
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)06:44 UTC+1 No.360912 Report

>Currently learning kickboxing been practicing for almost 3 years i'm 6 ft 1
>I could beat Mighty Mouse

Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)06:48 UTC+1 No.360916 Report


Least i'd accept the challenge

how does it feel to be boring

>inb4 you say not injuried and swamped with medical bills

you only live once.
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)06:54 UTC+1 No.360924 Report


Put your name back on, King of Dicks.
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)06:56 UTC+1 No.360926 Report


wow rood

c'mon bruh
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)07:05 UTC+1 No.360935 Report

>you only live once.
...so why not risk braindamage for zero chance of success? Yes! How inspiring!

I'd rather fight guys my own level and work my way up to the top than get shitcanned right off the bat.
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)07:10 UTC+1 No.360944 Report


What if you get lucky?
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)07:18 UTC+1 No.360952 Report

It's Demetrious Johnson homie, you ain't getting lucky, you getting #rekt. That guy is a monster that luck cannot save you from.
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)07:23 UTC+1 No.360961 Report


That fucking short stack

nah bruh
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)07:35 UTC+1 No.360968 Report

yuh bruh
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)07:37 UTC+1 No.360969 Report


how about no?
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)07:40 UTC+1 No.360973 Report

How about yes.

Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)07:45 UTC+1 No.360977 Report


Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)07:50 UTC+1 No.360978 Report

In the cage? All of them except Cain Velasquez, maybe...

All of them in the street though because I do Wu-Style Krav Maga and I'm 6'6 of 300 muscles of powerlifting strength who knows how to street fight due to my Wing Chun.
Anonymous 03/31/14(Mon)07:55 UTC+1 No.360983 Report


You're probably the funnest answer I have heard so far

all these ass mad anons wanting us to be realistic

lol enjoy being no fun
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