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belt promotion Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)09:29 UTC+1 No.436589 Report

so my sensei was on the olympic judo team,(i think she's like third dan right now) and she has a really unorthodox way to promote people. she said her students tell her when their ready. i'm a yellow belt right now, and wish to be a orange belt, but i don't know if i'm ready, and i don't want to ask and be shot down. how do i know if i'm ready, /asp/?
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)09:31 UTC+1 No.436591 Report

You aren't ready
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)09:33 UTC+1 No.436593 Report

Any actual reason or am I taking bait here
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)09:34 UTC+1 No.436594 Report

Ask your sensei at the end of class if you can do a shark bait/iron man randori. And see if you can throw/pin/sub/Ippon as many high ranks as you can. that might show you and your coach if you're ready or not. Its a subtle way of doing it, and its good training for you without you losing face with a direction question.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)09:36 UTC+1 No.436596 Report

Oh and if you don't know what shark bait/iron man randori is. its where you are the lone man out and everyone else lines up. You stay out there for a whole 5 minutes and everyone else gets a break, they switch out once there is an ippon.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)09:39 UTC+1 No.436597 Report

I did that back when I was a tkdfag. I was an exceptional tkdfag, though. I shall ask my sensei.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)09:42 UTC+1 No.436598 Report

Now here's a rule of thumb (so its not set in stone nor exact just something to think and use as a personal gauge) If you can beat most and all the lower belts (whites and yellows) at least stay pace with the oranges and greens. Then yeah you should be promoted.

I say volunteer and or prep yourself by randoring everyone individually for the next week or two then build up into the sharkbait/iron man.

If you fail just keep training and when you're ready try it again in a week or two. Of course be save and don't unnecessarily maul other classmate who are weaker or less experience then you.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)09:49 UTC+1 No.436602 Report

i was thinking along those lines. there's only one orange belt i know by memory, this girl who beats me every single time. i don't think it counts though, cause she also beats the blue, purple and brown belts there.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)09:53 UTC+1 No.436604 Report

it might count depending on your teacher's pov you shouldn't disregard it.

In my mind's eye if I saw a student who was a yellow belt and showed enough improvement to at least stay competitive against someone who regularly beats them and still loses that shows me they're improving and have the potential to be promoted.

IMO as long as you show the hunger and maturity to train, train hard, and be competitive you'll be promoted in no time. But don't worry about it and just proof to your coach and to yourself that you are willing to work and train hard with everyone and anyone at your dojo.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)09:57 UTC+1 No.436606 Report

You want something, but won't ask for it out of fear of rejection. You shouldn't even worry about what color belt you wear, and instead focus on getting better. A new belt isn't going to help you throw other people.

You are not ready.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)10:46 UTC+1 No.436626 Report

>she said her students tell her when their ready

i've never heard of this, i wouldn't dare have the balls to ask my BJJ coach to grade me.

that would be instant tapout via neck crank
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)12:44 UTC+1 No.436677 Report

My guess would be that if you're still asking yourself if you're ready or not, then you're not
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)13:07 UTC+1 No.436682 Report

That's a weird way to do things.
We'd consider it impolite (at best) to ask to be promoted.
Orange belt doesn't really mean much generally (no offence), we'd consider it that you-
1. Know how to fall
2. Know how not to stupidly injure people
Which is pretty much true of all belts till you're 1st or 2nd kyu, which is where you might actually show some understanding of technique. Maybe at 3rd kyu you'd be expected to be able to consistently throw the white/yellow/orange belts, but not necessarily with good clean technique.

I know that's not very helpful. My best guess would be keep training, and competing, until you can confidently say you are ready- better to be a good (or the best) yellow belt than a bad orange.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)13:48 UTC+1 No.436691 Report

colored belts in judo are the equilvelent of a stripe on a white belt in bjj
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)13:54 UTC+1 No.436695 Report

That's not so weird to me, OP. My sensei was a pretty cool old fellow who generally lets their students just ask for a promotion, like I did. I was only playing on and off due to finishing up my undergrad, so by the time I tested and got my green belt, I had been studying and playing for two years.

I waited until just before I left town for good to test for green from white (adults go from white>green>brown>black at my old place). Despite the pic, I tested before the competition, simply when I felt ready.

The key word is "feel," OP. You'll know when you are ready, either by concrete reasons to justify the feeling or by an abstract overall notion of competence and confidence.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)15:12 UTC+1 No.436716 Report

Requesting a test and rating a promotion are two workout different animals
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)22:45 UTC+1 No.436916 Report

Look at it this way OP. Are you able to consistently throw orange and green belts? Are you able to get throws on brown belts here and there? Are you able to pin and submit green and brown belts on the regular?

If the answer is no to any of these, you aren't ready for an orange belt. Always hold yourself to a higher standard than everyone else.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)22:53 UTC+1 No.436924 Report

Two years is actually pretty short for a green belt, if your dojo part of the USJF/USJA?
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)23:31 UTC+1 No.436943 Report

>getting a medal for 50th place
Sure must have been a prestigious event.
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)00:18 UTC+1 No.436966 Report

Looks like a bronze anniversary medal.
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)01:44 UTC+1 No.437003 Report

>literally says 50th anniversary
>hurr you got 50th place
So much for "no child left behind"
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)01:51 UTC+1 No.437008 Report

"No child left behind" translates to "every child held back", because you can't have one kid feeling like he's inadequate. I think you'll agree that it seems to be working just fine.
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)02:38 UTC+1 No.437043 Report

Fckin rekt
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