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chuck noris facts XD1. when...
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)19:51 UTC+1 No.322109 Report

chuck noris facts XD

1. when chuck norris wears socks you can't see his feet XD
2. when chuck norris wears boots you can't see his socks XD
3. when chuck norris is knee deep in quicksand you can't see his boots XD
4. chuck norris runs faster than that he walks XD
5. chuck norris crawls slower than that he runs XD
6. chuck norris can't breathe underwater XD
7. chuck norris (most likely) never had a sex change XD
8. if chuck norris did have a sex change then the surgeons did a good job on that XD
9. if chuck norris didn't have any eyes he would be blind XD
10. if chuck norris would be blind he can't read the telephone book XD
11. when he can't read the telephone book he can't call the new pizza place and order pizza XD
12. chuck norris has a butthole, from which gases and feces emerge from time to time XD
13. if chuck norris wants to buy groceries he goes to a supermarket or a grocery store XD
14. if chuck norris wants to eat a sandwich he either makes it himself, asks a friend to make one, or buys one at a store XD
15. if chuck norris was black he would be a nigger XD
16. chuck norris has 10 fingers and 2 hands XD
17. his fingers are evenly distributed over his hands, meaning he has 5 fingers on each hand XD
18. if chuck norris would die his family would be upset and probably visit his funeral XD
19. the collection of hairs on chuck norris' chin are called "a beard" XD
20. the collections of hairs above chuck norris' eyes are called "eyebrows" XD
21. if chuck norris had a dog, it would bark XD
22. if chuck norris had a cat, it would meow XD
23. if chuck norris had a cow, it would moo XD
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)20:03 UTC+1 No.322112 Report
File: 1355968314195.jpg-(125x93)
Sugiura Ayano 02/19/14(Wed)20:05 UTC+1 No.322113 Report

So many questions. Is that rei? Why so busty? Why so tall? Why are people still making Eva porn? You don't see brand new cowboy bebop shit.
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