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Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:59 UTC+1 No.498635 Report


Anyone been to this place? Apparently they got pro fighters including a pro who fights in the UFC and a bunch of amateur competitors.. but all their youtube footage of their actual drills, sparring, and their regular practitioners are McDojo tier.

I can't decide if going to this gym will fuck up my form and technique or a good place to train to compete.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:34 UTC+1 No.498666 Report

Damn look at that flailing arm on her kick
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)02:29 UTC+1 No.498904 Report

They have bad forms on their kicks, they do gimmick training like that hammer tire strikes, all their punches are stuffed, they practice on padded mats instead of a boxing ring mat, none of them have their shirts off, etc..
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)03:04 UTC+1 No.498928 Report

Even good gyms need to stay afloat. One pro that makes $5000 a fight can't support a whole gym, and a lot of the money comes from people who aren't serious about fighting.
If you are dedicated enough you will probably get special attention/training but expect to be surrounded by people who aren't dedicated.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)03:25 UTC+1 No.498944 Report

Dude, there are so many good gyms in california. When in doubt, find one there isn't doubt about. I'd personally love to train at CSW Headquarters. Hayastan would be awesome as well.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)03:30 UTC+1 No.498946 Report

Well this gym is like a block away from my home, that's why I'm wondering if there's something I'm not seeing.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)03:38 UTC+1 No.498947 Report

I drive 30 minutes to get to the best one in my state. Their fees are exorbitant and they do shitty long ass contracts.

Still completely worth it due to the quality. Can't hate on them for smart business practices. They probably couldn't get away with it in a state like California with more competition, but our coach is a world class coach so I put up with it.
TKDomygoditsamazing 08/20/14(Wed)03:47 UTC+1 No.498953 Report

I ride my bike 10 mi out to get my kick classes

then i ride it 10 mi back

I'll be doing a few more with jits

Honestly, pay for classes

it's time you won't ever get back

The only reason i might switch jits guys for a bit is to take more classes per day
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)03:54 UTC+1 No.498958 Report

Yah, people on here might tell you oh blah blah a gym that charges that much and has contracts like that...dont' go there... Well shit, there isn't anywhere else in my state with a coach like ours. Hell, I would say most states don't have a coach like ours. Completely worth it.

If you are interested in a gym just because it is convenient, well...maybe you shouldn't be too worried about the quality because you don't seem to want it.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)04:04 UTC+1 No.498965 Report

>gimmick training like that hammer tire strikes
lmfao get out

Also, OP, go and check for yourself. Don't judge the gym because their newbies have bad form. There's still a shitload of good gyms in California; you can find a better place but if that one's right next to you, go and check it out.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)07:04 UTC+1 No.499119 Report

>20 mile bike ride
how's the mosquitos
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)07:10 UTC+1 No.499126 Report

Same here except its 20 minutes away which in my part of town means close.
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