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File: girl attacking robber.png-(345 KB, 720x537)
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)05:39 UTC+1 No.417748 Report


/asp/, what are your impressions of this? It's a
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)05:42 UTC+1 No.417749 Report

confirmed fake
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)09:08 UTC+1 No.417800 Report

>confirmed fake
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)09:48 UTC+1 No.417816 Report


>on my way to work yesterday
>average job, but lousy payment
>meet 10/10 asian qt in elevator
>have to leave on 8th floor
>she pushes teh button for floor nr. 10
>she smiles at me
>I smile back
>floor stops, she starts to move
>"wait miss, it's not your floor"
>accidentally touch her shoulder
>suddenly she gives me a mean smile
>"now paytime, whaitu cis-scumu!"
>punches me in the face
>"please, stop!"
>keeps on punching me
>I wake up in hospital
>"Back again? Good. I'm the lawyer of Ms. Takahashi and YOU, sir, are in big trouble.."
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