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>tfw no Muay thai dojo in...
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)23:54 UTC+1 No.417586 Report

>tfw no Muay thai dojo in miles around, not even a regional confederation or shit
>tfw the only option is a dirty Kick boxing local league with only 10 fags practicing
>tfw won't be able to practice proper muay thai

Also muay thai general thread
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)23:58 UTC+1 No.417588 Report

save money and live in Thailand for a year or two. That's what I am planning to do and it seems a lot of westerners are.
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)00:01 UTC+1 No.417590 Report

Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)00:07 UTC+1 No.417593 Report

Heck, i'll try getting some vids on youtube to start practicing those moves
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)00:17 UTC+1 No.417599 Report

here you go some youtubes mainly on clinch.
Notice how they drill and train. You probably want to do them same as they do.







Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)00:23 UTC+1 No.417603 Report

Guides on how to Elbow:

Diagonal Elbow

Horizontal Elbow

Uppercut Elbow

Trust Elbow

Slashing Elbow
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)00:28 UTC+1 No.417605 Report

wow, thanks dude
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)00:49 UTC+1 No.417612 Report

>won't be able to practice proper muay thai

For fun or sport?

But yeah, the biggest promotions are all kickboxing and don't allow elbows. Lion Fight is the only one I know of that is muay thai
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)01:01 UTC+1 No.417615 Report

>For fun or sport?
Sport, i feel like i want to compete and become a great fighter
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)02:45 UTC+1 No.417653 Report

Then do kickboxing, like >>417612 said biggest promotions are all kickboxing and don't allow elbows, kickboxing is also a great style.
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)02:56 UTC+1 No.417658 Report

To my MT bros, do your gyms use prajiets for grading/ranking? Mine just started to use them and I'm not sure how I feel. Being awarded things based on hard work is nice, but I know colored ranking has never been traditional Muay Thai.
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)15:11 UTC+1 No.417852 Report

>Muay thai dojo
Please don't refer to a Muay Thai gym as a dojo.
The OP should probably try training Muay Thai before making the commitment of going to Thailand. As you for, make sure you do you have your priories in order and do your research, you don't want to end up at some tourist trap like Tiger.
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)15:16 UTC+1 No.417854 Report

OP, you shouldn't try to learn Muay Thai by yourself by watching videos or reading tutorials or whatever. All you're going to end up doing is teaching yourself bad habits that will set you back if you ever actually start learning Muay Thai. Online tutorials can be a useful supplement for somebody who is already established in their training (e.g somebody who has already fought) but for new trainees there's no replacement for a qualified coach.
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)15:17 UTC+1 No.417856 Report

I've only ever trained in Thailand where they don't give out gradings/rankings at the gym. How does your gym's grading system work?
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)15:45 UTC+1 No.417865 Report

I've always been wondering, is pretending to be hurt allowed? I've seen some GIFS/WEMBs of people pretending they're hurt, only to advance on the un-suspecting opponent when he gets closer. Is this allowed?
Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)17:49 UTC+1 No.417897 Report

god no
Anonymous 05/29/14(Thu)17:11 UTC+1 No.418278 Report

Similar to BJJ, a combination of time spent in the gym and skills learned and applied. There will be monthly or bi-monthly testings, and of course you test for the next rank up. At the lower levels you're basically proving you know the basics (jabs, low kicks, etc.) and have low-level cardio and can do a simple combo. As you progress you have to display your skills in sparring, the cardio sections of the test become more intense, you have to demonstrate that you can hold pads properly, and the combos become much more advanced and numerous.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)12:06 UTC+1 No.418946 Report


I know that feel..

But it's better to build up your skills at the gym for the moment, you never know what it's good for.

I want to add something:
Most beginners fail with elbows because they think they have to put a lot of power in it, which results in a very stiff and slow movement.

Actually ellbows are a very "soft" technique, you just roll your shoulder while performing a round, flowing movement with your ellbow.

Ellbows are also called "The knifes of Muay Thai" because you can easily make someone bleed. And that's basicaly the feeling, the slash of a knife. The power comes naturally.
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