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4CHINS CONVENTION /CGL/ PANEL Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)22:44 UTC+1 No.7683851 Report

Alright, seagulls. Assuming the 4chan con (>>7681540) could actually be pulled off, what kind of panel(s) would best represent /cgl/?

And while we're at it, why not have fun suggesting guests?

Idea/brainstorming thread.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)22:53 UTC+1 No.7683876 Report

As much as I dislike it we probably have to talk about PT and kooter, don't we...
There should also be some useful discussion, based on commonly asked questions.
>do I have to wear a wig with my cosplay? YES
>Can guys wear lolita?
>Where do I buy lolita clothes?
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)22:53 UTC+1 No.7683877 Report

/a/: Why you're waifu is shit and your tastes are bad
/v/: Why feminism is killing video games
/d/: Identifying a penis
/g/: Installing gentoo
/pol/: Why jews caused 9/11
/fit/: The legacy of Zyzz
/r9k/: Living without a girlfriend

Don't know other boards well enough. I know this thread's about /cgl/ but I doubt threads elsewhere will take off yet.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)22:53 UTC+1 No.7683878 Report

>mr yan so dreamy panel
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)22:57 UTC+1 No.7683891 Report

Knowing him, he'd probably fly in for free and pay for his own hotel.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:00 UTC+1 No.7683899 Report

Plugsuit Making 101, by Meepy.
Being sexy in cosplay, by PT.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:05 UTC+1 No.7683915 Report

Oh definitely
I laughed in the other thread when someone wondered what his "appearance fee" would be
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:13 UTC+1 No.7683939 Report

Ita: Why is your outfit so shitty?
Sailor Moon Cosplay 101: Red or Magenta?

But really, I would dare say we are the biggest western lolita online community, it would be nice to have brand panels. But I guess no brand would want to associate with 4chan, would they?
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:18 UTC+1 No.7683945 Report

A /cgl/ tea party wpuld be fun!
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:19 UTC+1 No.7683950 Report

Realistically speaking, we're probably only going to have one panel. MAYBE two.
The idea is every board gets a panel. So that's however many 4chan boards there are, which is a lot, plus the other boards are going to want multiple panels too and larger boards should probably get them. /b/ would probably have several panels.
Then there would also be general interest panels, like the speed dating or 4chan's cultural impact. You can only have so many panels in one weekend so I just don't see /cgl/ getting multiple panels. Maybe one for lolita and one for cosplay cause they actually makes sense.
The title should be something funny that indicates board culture, so I suggest "We're only just beginning to shine" or something related to PT, a funny in joke. And then discuss the boards culture a bit along with some basic tips on what cosplay and lolita are and how to do them properly.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:22 UTC+1 No.7683957 Report

Maybe I'm biased since we're on /cgl/, but I think it'd be cool if everyone would dress up as their main board, or at least have something to recognise where people are from. I know there's been meet-ups in the past of different boards and they've all dressed up so it can definitely be done with relatively little effort.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:25 UTC+1 No.7683962 Report

How about just giving the most visited boards a panel/section/event instead of every board?
/v/ would get vidya stuff
/mu/ would get live music
/a/ would get animu related stuff
and /b/ would get trap strippers
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:26 UTC+1 No.7683967 Report

Someone suggested everyones badges represent their main board. So ours could have seagulls, or PT or something on them. There was some discussion over whether that's cost effective or not but it's a good idea
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:27 UTC+1 No.7683971 Report


Badges aren't that expensive, should be fine.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:30 UTC+1 No.7683973 Report

I think it would be fun if every board got one, even if they're not very active, provided someone who frequents each one steps up. I don't know about other people but I don't want to just go to /cgl/ panel, I want to learn new stuff. Every boards panel could be an informative distillation of their boards culture and the most common/best advice from it. I'd really like to learn pet care tips from /an/, or get retro game suggestions from /vr/. I mean yeah you could just lurk on them, but this is a lot more fun.
Though extending on your idea, there should be a game room run by /v/ and /vr/ and a rave/club type area run by /mu/. /ck/ could make food for the maid cafe or something. But I think they should also have panels to present their board culture.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:32 UTC+1 No.7683983 Report

>"unique" panels for every board
Sure, there will be some like clips vs. magazine for /k/ and routines for /fit/, but be real, it would be:
your taste in animu is bad, and why you're a faggot for it.
your taste in waifus is bad, and why you're a faggot for it.
your taste in vidya is bad, and why you're a faggot for it.
your taste is fashion is bad, and why you're a faggot for it.
your taste in music is bad, and why you're a faggot for it.
your taste in OS is bad, and why you're a faggot for it.

This goes on for a while
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:35 UTC+1 No.7683987 Report

Am I the only one who would go to most of those panels? It'd be hilarious
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:36 UTC+1 No.7683989 Report

Assuming you can go, would anyone like to run or help run a panel? Which one? All these ideas are great and all, but saying it is one thing.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:36 UTC+1 No.7683990 Report

your cosplay and coords are bad, and why you're a faggot for it
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:38 UTC+1 No.7683993 Report

I would totally go to these
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:39 UTC+1 No.7683997 Report

The horror stories are the best part of our board. How we can turn that into a funny panel?
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:42 UTC+1 No.7684004 Report

Ooh we should do a dramatic reading of the most famous stories
Assuming I could go, I would, if no one else does. I've done a couple of panels before. I would also be happy to help plan and organize it. I don't think we are going to get more than one panel but I know both cosplay and lolita so I could do either... I don't know much about PT and Kooter though
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:43 UTC+1 No.7684007 Report

Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:44 UTC+1 No.7684011 Report

Have voice overs and dramatic dramatizations via illustrations
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:46 UTC+1 No.7684017 Report


> /y/

a paper on the door telling people to fuck off to /r/.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:46 UTC+1 No.7684018 Report

Yeah like that one comic with the hambeast that falls on the guy.. that is classic.
Maybe it could get a dramatic reenactment, too.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:47 UTC+1 No.7684022 Report

Supposing it happens, people should post a panel they would like to do, with an e-mail contact, so other people interested in helping could get in touch and arrange things. Then they apply for approval or voting, whichever method we go for, since there'll probably be a million submissions.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:49 UTC+1 No.7684030 Report

Please stop

This is going to turn out awful if you actually try doing it
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:50 UTC+1 No.7684033 Report

Two day con, each board gets a panel, hour or two long.
Is that what we've agreed on? Or are we going to do two panels per board?
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:52 UTC+1 No.7684039 Report

At the very least, it'll be good compared to BallpitCon.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)23:53 UTC+1 No.7684041 Report

Oh I'm a freaking retard. Wrong thread.
Can't delete; on the phone. Carry on.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)00:01 UTC+1 No.7684068 Report

Yeah and that's pretty much the point, right?
The whole thing got started because someone was like, I bet if 4chan had a con it would be better than Dashcon and also might be kind of fun.
"better than Dashcon" is probably the lowest bar possible.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)00:06 UTC+1 No.7684091 Report

I second this idea. After they organize their shit, they can go the normal route of submitting panels.

Assuming they can go, of course. Even if they can't, it can get the ball rolling.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)00:07 UTC+1 No.7684093 Report


/tg/: Arguing about the interpreting of rules, and why your setting is shit.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)00:10 UTC+1 No.7684112 Report

>ita party
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:11 UTC+1 No.7684306 Report

/cgl/: What shit costumes have you seen today?
This panel will provide cables and a projector so we can display your slutty and shit tier landwhale cosplay and lolita finds on the screen. Critique and remember to do your worst!
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:13 UTC+1 No.7684310 Report

This inspires me for a panel like "/cgl/: The Experience", where you get to be a full-out cunt and viciously say mean things about people.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:16 UTC+1 No.7684321 Report

Ahaha this is great, We could call out random people from the audience and force them to come up front, then insult everything about their appearance, call them fat and suggest plastic surgery. It would be awesome.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:30 UTC+1 No.7684357 Report

Who would we get as guests? How many guests?
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:34 UTC+1 No.7684366 Report

We'd probably need some cheap musical guests to perform for the /mu/tants.
And a 4chan convention wouldn't be complete without Moot and Boxxy.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:35 UTC+1 No.7684370 Report

Beckii, Venus, Jnig, Kotakoti, and PT
Mr. Memer 07/15/14(Tue)01:36 UTC+1 No.7684375 Report

le ron Paul can come too, to discuss recent happenings
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:42 UTC+1 No.7684393 Report

Sadly neither of them will come
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:43 UTC+1 No.7684397 Report

>your taste in waifus is bad, and why you're a faggot for it.

You clearly don't visit /jp/.
If anything it'd be: /jp/ How to quote properly.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:51 UTC+1 No.7684409 Report

Don't really know why some of you guys are saying that every board should get one... The porn boards like /e/, /c/, /cm/, /h/, /d/, /u/, and /y/ and other boards like /w/ and /wg/, and I don't think they'd even be involved.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:56 UTC+1 No.7684418 Report

We could mesh the porn boards into one panel and have it be about the differences between them
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:57 UTC+1 No.7684420 Report

/w/ and /wg/ can decorate the halls with posters like AnimeLA does.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)01:58 UTC+1 No.7684422 Report

Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)02:38 UTC+1 No.7684531 Report

/ck/ needs to do a wine/beer tasting event
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)02:40 UTC+1 No.7684541 Report

There's a reason why 18-21+ panels exist

>AMV/0 showing, courtesy of /h/
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)02:44 UTC+1 No.7684553 Report

Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)02:48 UTC+1 No.7684568 Report

>have it be about the differences between them

"please stop posting /cm/ in /y/ and viceversa" ?
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)02:52 UTC+1 No.7684591 Report


Eh, you'll be surprised how much they'd spend on quality. Right now, it's music festival season (Hell, pitchfork's this Friday), so getting guests is more than difficult at the moment. If any musical guests could appear, it's likely to start off with talented up and coming people with soundclouds until 4-con becomes a bigger thing. I imagine someone throwing a really good rave. I can easily see them doing informative discussions like

>intro to vinyls
How to set up record players, which ones are the best quality, places to hunt down for LPs, etc.

>Upgrade U
A panel to understanding the difference between good and ghetto-bass, moving away from entry level music and dadrock, and guide to headphones.

And then more casual discussions like

>Guilty pleasures
>Plebs say the darnest things.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)02:55 UTC+1 No.7684603 Report

Also, like many cons we seagulls associate with, I imagine /mu/ also running a guide on surviving a festival

>camping guides
>knowing the difference between good and dangerous psychedelics before you try them and what to expect
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)02:58 UTC+1 No.7684609 Report


Oh, no, I'd rather just see a roast for these people (and other encyclopedia dramatica people)
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)03:07 UTC+1 No.7684640 Report

Thank you for using my Misako with a beard. It makes me happy to know someone appreciates it.

>sage for no contribution
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)07:45 UTC+1 No.7685432 Report

Panels consisting mainly of yelling about not posting /cm/ shit and bumping without content.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)07:46 UTC+1 No.7685437 Report

I'm the guy who suggested the non-hotel, small-city-takeover plan for a 4chan convention. I have no outright proof to support my claim, but just take my word for it.

I can't believe you guys are taking it seriously. Or did you ditch the takeover idea and go for the regular convention center route?
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)07:50 UTC+1 No.7685447 Report

Ck needs to bring baggies of trail mix for the starvelings and serve a good hangover breakfast every day. Buttery eggs and lots of bloody marys.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)07:52 UTC+1 No.7685449 Report

Jaypee - how to critique everything, lol.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)08:13 UTC+1 No.7685482 Report

>huge /cgl/ lolitas meet-up in Disney World
Make it happen, guys.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)08:20 UTC+1 No.7685492 Report


>not unanimously deciding that california is best for conventions.

I've moved from the east coast to the middle of nowhere and finally landed in beautiful cali. I don't understand why more people just don't move out here.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)08:39 UTC+1 No.7685517 Report

Moot's no fun anyways.
W.T. Snacks will come if you pay for his room and get him liquored up.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)08:43 UTC+1 No.7685519 Report

Yeah, I voted for ATL but it should have been california.
NYC is a horrible idea.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)09:01 UTC+1 No.7685536 Report

no one on cgl would go to a 4chan convention tbh

it would just be /b/ con
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)11:54 UTC+1 No.7685679 Report

/x/ How to make your own occult bible
/po/ how to paste paper shit into actual sculptures
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)13:09 UTC+1 No.7685730 Report

>/b/ panel
>consists of an hour long water balloon fight
>all balloons are filled with piss
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)13:32 UTC+1 No.7685761 Report

How I envision 4chan con:
> /ck/ makes the snacks, only the chefs that are actually good at cooking can't come, so we just get noodles
> /x/ only comes around when it starts getting dark, so they can tell creepy stories to each other
> /fit/ wants its own room, you can't enter if you can't lift
> /mu/ demands some ridiculous bands that non of the other boards ever heard of to perform
> /a/ starts criticizing /cgl/ cosplay for cosplaying from a shit series
> /cgl/ has a gossip circle, where they are all catty bitches and nitpick each other
> /pol/ tries to put david stars on everyone who looks like a jew
> /b/ gets drunk and super obnoxious so they start showing gore, CP and bestiality to everyone
> /d/ is fapping in the bathroom over futanari
> /v/ is being a neckbeard and whines about feminists and why they ruin vidya
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)13:34 UTC+1 No.7685766 Report

I forgot
>/tg/ tries to play DnD but all their DM's are shit
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)14:01 UTC+1 No.7685783 Report

/v/ would be that really awkward guy who tries to act cool and talk to other board user's about their interests but is too much of a casual in any of them to impress. And then they'd spend the rest of the weekend in the game room or watching Kill La Kill.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)14:09 UTC+1 No.7685790 Report

Making panels for each board is fun and all, but who the hell is going to host them that is actually apt to do so?
Going on /v/ and seeing shit posting is expected but that coming from a panelist would make me walk out
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)14:23 UTC+1 No.7685801 Report

I could host a /vg/ panel.

>A look at lolgen: why you people disgust me
>The enigma of /ksg/: Two and a fucking half thousand threads
>Starcraft general or how I learnt to stop playing and start loving K-Pop
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)15:27 UTC+1 No.7685864 Report

I'd actually watch a lot of those if they made it.
(Except I'm happy with my pleb taste in music)

I love this.

I also see /cgl/ doing beauty and hair panels, or related-activities.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)15:43 UTC+1 No.7685885 Report

That's the joke, Anon. It isn't going to happen because everyone knows it will be a wreck. It's a joke.
Enver 07/15/14(Tue)15:43 UTC+1 No.7685886 Report

Con horror stories panels exist but more often than not, the panelists and anyone else standing up to tell a story has to sugarcoat it or censor it because there's no anonymity
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)16:27 UTC+1 No.7685924 Report

>ita dressup tea party

I just want to do an ita dressup meet so bad but my local comm is full of itas who would either miss the point or feel attacked.
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