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A trend I've been seeing...
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)08:01 UTC+1 No.7682033 Report

A trend I've been seeing develop on the east coast has been these large panelist groups doing game shows (pictured are Greggo's Game Shows which seems to be the oldest of them, Florida Whammy Entertainment which is growing pretty quickly, Sonic Whammy Enterprises in the Mid-Atlantic and happy to stay smaller, and Big Bucks Entertainment in Massachusetts).

There seems to be a lot of these groups out there and I was wondering what the rest of the convention-going community thought of these kinds of groups.

Are they "B-list celebrities" that influence whether or not you'll go to an event? These 4 all seem focused around "Press Your Luck" also with 3 of them having elements of that show in their names, and Greggo's actually dropping that show from regular rotation I hear (maybe it's because of this competition).

What does /cgl/ think?
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)04:24 UTC+1 No.7684956 Report

I can think of at least 2 teams that do the same sort of thing out west.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)07:10 UTC+1 No.7685356 Report

I find it funny. Texas has a few group who do these for free. Some are high quality, some are meh tier. They are just panelists who get a badge, but none of them seem to really push for efame or con-fame.

Or I could be wrong and secretly they all want efame. Jebus or whatever his name is seems to fit that criteria.
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