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Anonymous 02/23/14(Sun)01:25 UTC+1 No.7388016 Report

Hello /cgl//seagulls/whatever,... which japanese fashion would suit a 18y shota/uke/fujoshibaito looking androgynous/agender girl (looking 14) more on the boy side. I want to wear something similar to that Frank Wolf guy like cute and emo-like and also something that a JRPG character would wear but not too flashy while staying...how to put that?...Special. *i'm a speshul snowflak u guise*. Ah it's so difficult to explain but I did what I could sorry...
Your help will be appreciated. pic not related. I will not put pic on myself, don't want pics of me floating around 4chan. To describe my physical appearance I am average thin,small,oval shaped face with a tiny nose and big brown eyes, short white blonde hair.
Sorry for my shitty english,not my first language I was born and lived in Quebec for a long time
Anonymous 02/23/14(Sun)01:41 UTC+1 No.7388055 Report

Dress like a uke from yaoiz mango and take inspiration from animu and final fantasy you will be kawaii as fuck OP-chan
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