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File: zero_s_shoes_cosplay_reference_for_shizi_by_kainenier-d74may1.png-(342 KB, 900x405)
I'm cosplaying as Zero...
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:37 UTC+1 No.7633339 Report

I'm cosplaying as Zero from Dod3/Drakengard 3.

Her shoes are these weird contoured fashion wedges, which I've only been able to find on eBay.

Here's a picture of the ones I'm wanting to buy:http://www.alrisco.com/images/products/shoes/2014/apr/042114/vintage_goddess02_black_1w.jpg?rt=nc

However, they're made of suede, and I'm curious on if black suede can be painted over with white for the bottom halves of the shoes.

Any thoughts or advice?
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:49 UTC+1 No.7633356 Report

Layer fabric over instead of painting? And then glue it on.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)06:16 UTC+1 No.7635786 Report


Try these instead OP. They look more comfortable for walking around in and can be easily modded.
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