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Invisible Makeup?
Invisible Makeup? Anonymous 06/07/14(Sat)02:12 UTC+1 No.7603033 Report

I will be cosplaying Chihiro from Spirited Away for my next con. Now I want to do something on my face so that I look more like the character instead of just going with no makeup at all like most of her cosplayers do in my area.

Any help?
Anonymous 06/07/14(Sat)02:15 UTC+1 No.7603039 Report

look up "natural makeup looks", embellish what would be a IRL look for chihiro (rosy cheeks for example)
Anonymous 06/07/14(Sat)02:21 UTC+1 No.7603042 Report


Would it be weird to do a different type of blush maybe drawing on the blush on my face instead of just putting powder on?
Anonymous 06/07/14(Sat)02:31 UTC+1 No.7603049 Report

>Moisturize and prime. A brightening primer is recommended.
>Apply either a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer.
>Set it with translucent powder just for the lasting power
>Thin black liquid eyeliner line (just to make your eyes a tiny bit more defined). Don't go from corner to corner, begin where your lash line becomes more prominent.
>Use a tiny bit of pencil liner (either brown or black) under the water line in the outer corners, and smudge it a little, just to make your lower lashes a bit more prominent.
>Prefer cream blushes to powder ones and lip tints to lipsticks or glosses
>You can apply a tiny bit of highlighter in your eyes, but choose something soft.
>No eye shadow, falsies, contouring or anything else, unless you are quite skilled.
And there you go.
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