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MLP Cosplay thread
MLP Cosplay thread Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)21:27 UTC+1 No.7704537 Report

Post the good, and the bad. Discuss about ideas and/or future cosplays!

What are some of your guys favorite designs that people have put out?
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)22:45 UTC+1 No.7704667 Report
File: $_57.jpg-(50x125)
Thinking of doign a Fluttershy...
Thinking of doign a Fluttershy gijinka, and I've been thinking that since she works with animals and such, overalls might be the best route? Been considering this one. Anyone think it's a good idea?
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)22:50 UTC+1 No.7704671 Report


Oh honey, no. That'll be horrifically unflattering on you. Unless you're rail thin and a size zero, overalls are never an appropriate choice.

And that color is probably gonna wash you out really badly.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)23:55 UTC+1 No.7704803 Report


Keep that shit there
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)00:01 UTC+1 No.7704813 Report

No good one
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)00:08 UTC+1 No.7704831 Report
File: cute-denim-overall-dress.jpg-(83x125)
>>7704667I kind of...
I kind of disagree with >>7704671, I think overalls are a really suitable choice for Fluttershy's personality and occupation. But I DO agree that unless you have a thin body, overalls can look really unflattering. You should look into doing overalls that are short legged, maybe even a puff shorts look. An overall dress would look cute too!
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)00:14 UTC+1 No.7704845 Report
File: 10550820_10203669932181736_5804405418065673963_n.jpg-(93x125)
I'm doing Princess...
I'm doing Princess Cadance for this year's Bronycon...This is my first time making any kind of prop for it, and the wings still aren't finished. I still feel really stressed about Cadance because it's like, "Am I Princess-y enough, or am I totally overdoing it??"
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)00:56 UTC+1 No.7704910 Report

If I were to go the overall route, whether it's long, shorts, or a dress, what shirt should I wear under it? Somewhat feel like if I wear a yellow shirt or something it'd be too yellow?

At first did sort of consider a sweater since that seemed popular with Fluttershy gijinkas. Though, heat would get the best of me
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)02:59 UTC+1 No.7705165 Report

Maybe a lighter pink button up?
Sailor Mars Guy 07/24/14(Thu)04:04 UTC+1 No.7705268 Report
File: 10299285_10152048500252944_1382802982_n.jpg-(70x125)
Finally.Been waiting for...
Been waiting for months to post this.

And MLP cosplay has always been allowed here. If you go there they'll say,"go to "cgl". And then you'd have nowhere eh.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)04:12 UTC+1 No.7705280 Report

I would recommend getting/ making more realistic/different ears.
Sailor Mars Guy 07/24/14(Thu)04:24 UTC+1 No.7705300 Report


Yeah. Hmm, I'm not sure what to do.
I don't know if anyone even makes the grey ears. And i would like to have home built something from it. I just don't like most of the tutorials I've seen.

I did try pony shaped ears, but they look bad on a person. Kind of like dyed skin.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)04:33 UTC+1 No.7705310 Report

Have you seen Wiggles' tutorial for ears?
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)04:33 UTC+1 No.7705311 Report


Oh god, those will look horrible.
If they were short or a skirt, then they'd be better. (like in >>7704831 )
given that you are skinny, at least

but fuck nooo, no long-legged over alls.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)04:34 UTC+1 No.7705313 Report

They don't allow MLP cosplay there, numbnuts.

This is, unfortunately, the right board for it.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)04:37 UTC+1 No.7705320 Report

I am considering a secondary cosplay for Otakon this year of Future Applejack. Stupid or no?
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)04:44 UTC+1 No.7705332 Report


If he's mod of an ask Sombra tumblr.
Jist read it, and his writing bugs me.

Shape of the ears is pretty similiar to mine though. I think he used better materials.

I'm pretty sure i could go do it though, i just got to stop being lazy, and go get the shit i need.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)09:57 UTC+1 No.7705977 Report

>MLP cosplay not allowed on /mlp/

i need an explanation
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)11:02 UTC+1 No.7706054 Report

Just dont do some half assed closet cosplay and hope to get crazy recognition for it. Put some effort into it, unlike the majority of mlp cosplayers..please.
Anonymous 07/25/14(Fri)05:37 UTC+1 No.7707765 Report

I would imagine a light pink puff sleeve top would look really cute, or maybe even light blue (Fluttershy's eye color). Honestly the best idea would be to take photos into Photoshop and put an outfit together to see how the colors/shapes look.
Anonymous 07/25/14(Fri)05:38 UTC+1 No.7707767 Report

Dang I actually really like this? Classy pony cosplay does exist after all. But yeah agreeing that you need better ears.
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