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New York Comic Con
New York Comic Con Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)19:01 UTC+1 No.7683265 Report

So maybe it's a bit early to start a thread for this, but it's going to be my first year going and I was wondering how it is? Is it like AX where there are ghosters everywhere since you only need badges to get into certain areas, or is security pretty tight?
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)08:00 UTC+1 No.7685467 Report

It's fun but it's pretty crowded and good luck getting into any popular panels unless you're gonna wait a few hours beforehand. I think they're gonna finally clear out the main panel room so you'll have to line up outside the room with everyone else. Last year not a single person asked me to show my badge but everyone had to scan it near the entrance. They are probably going to do the same system since it was pretty hassle free.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)09:45 UTC+1 No.7685563 Report

I didn't manage to get a badge, but I want to go just to take pictures of cosplayers and hang out. Is it possible to ghost the con that way?
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)04:51 UTC+1 No.7687587 Report

If you're gonna stay outside the convention center then yes. If you live in NYC then you can still get retailer tickets from certain comic stores.
Iris 07/16/14(Wed)04:55 UTC+1 No.7687596 Report

Last year they had you register the badge and they scan each and every badge going in and out. It was not that far in after the entrances that they have it so it might have cut down a lot of ghosters

Only outside, really if you don't have a badge. But comic shops and a few other places will be selling them late July / early August so you can get one then.
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)06:15 UTC+1 No.7687850 Report

>scan each and every badge going in and out
I thought this was hilarious because they made such a big fuss of "tapping" in and out of the convention yet when we left not a single guy was there to scan the badge. It wasn't even that late too like around 10.
Iris 07/16/14(Wed)06:21 UTC+1 No.7687871 Report

The exhibition hall and main panels are done by that time so they didn't care after the hall closes.
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)06:30 UTC+1 No.7687905 Report


If you are prone to anxiety, take precautions. It gets extremely crowded and extremely claustrophobic very quickly. When you line up for anything, they mash as many people together as possible, in really wide sections so people will always be squeezing in front of you if you yourself are not aggressively jostling forward. The ATMs go out of service every year, and the exhibitor's hall/dealer's room/artist's colony is impossible to navigate due to poor crowd management.
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)16:46 UTC+1 No.7688659 Report


- Crowded halls (last year it was about 135,000 people)
- bring cash, as the credit card machines sometimes don't have good reception
- if meeting friends, plan meeting locations ahead of time, as cell phone service sucks due to the amount of crowding of people will cellphones, laptops, news crews, and etc.
- bring water and snacks, plus a roll of toilet paper
- if you want to hit a panel, swing by AT LEAST an hour early just to see if there's already a line forming (also this year the main panel rooms will be cleared out, but you may want to hit that 2 hours early, at least)
- prepare for long, slow walks, like 15 minutes to cross 20 feet
- if you're doing autographs/photos with celebs, be prepared to wait for them
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)17:07 UTC+1 No.7688695 Report

>Toilet paper

Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)22:52 UTC+1 No.7689465 Report

>prepare for long, slow walks, like 15 minutes to cross 20 feet
me and a friend walked across the javits main entrance hall from one end to the other a few weeks ago and it took us 5 minutes and we were slow walking it. I can only imagine how long it's gonna take come October
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)23:05 UTC+1 No.7689495 Report

First rule of large gatherings of people: bring your own TP.

I shouldn't have to explain why, you can easily guess.
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