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We always have tumblr threads,...
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)21:01 UTC+1 No.7699690 Report

We always have tumblr threads, but I use twitter a lot more than tumblr.

Is anyone interested in having a twitter thread?
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)21:03 UTC+1 No.7699696 Report

I don't post too much on twitter, but I'd be interested in some people to follow.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)21:09 UTC+1 No.7699710 Report

Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)21:09 UTC+1 No.7699712 Report

I treat my twitter like a personal rant diary, not a lot of cosplay really. If people want that stuff then sure I'll post.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)21:11 UTC+1 No.7699715 Report

This is for finding twitter profiles of other cosplayers. I'm not interested in random twitter accounts of people who aren't interested in cosplay.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)21:14 UTC+1 No.7699722 Report

Please. That's how I use mine as well, but I love reading it.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)21:15 UTC+1 No.7699726 Report

Go for it. I'm interested in finding more people to follow.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)21:31 UTC+1 No.7699772 Report

To start things off here are some cosplay accounts I enjoy following

Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)21:37 UTC+1 No.7699780 Report

O-okay, here goes @DANMARKUSAMA
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)21:55 UTC+1 No.7699809 Report

I'll throw mine up as well @digitalseer

I tweet about beer and Chinese cartoons.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)22:24 UTC+1 No.7699863 Report

>Monika Lee
Lel, next you'll mention following @OJessicaNigri.

4chan is shit at twitter, whenever I see a juicy tweet from celebs related to the board topic, there is never a thread about it at that moment and I have to make it myself.

It only took me a short while to figure out how to read multiple tweets, so it bugs me when people complain about not knowing which direction to read tweets in (up or down).
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)04:08 UTC+1 No.7700564 Report

>dat trap
holy shit you're beautiful
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)04:26 UTC+1 No.7700598 Report

I don't get the drama about Monika lee and J-nig. They've always been so nice whenever I got to talk to them at cons. Is there drama just because they're popular?
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)04:27 UTC+1 No.7700600 Report

mostly yes
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)04:30 UTC+1 No.7700605 Report

twitter is so normalfag and boring...I really don't get the appeal but maybe I'm just a facebook grandma.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)04:34 UTC+1 No.7700611 Report

Get with the times grandma.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)04:35 UTC+1 No.7700614 Report

I post about IRL stuff. And sometimes costumes. And food I make. SO. Basically FB in 140 or less.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)05:03 UTC+1 No.7700675 Report

Maybe it's just my friendlist but I find facebook to be boring. It's always the same 30 out of 500 people that I see on my newsfeed and it's just redundant. Most of my friends use instagram and twitter these days, and if there's anything that my "close" friends want to share with me, that's through skype or text.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)05:05 UTC+1 No.7700678 Report

Similar situation for me. Everything public is moving to twitter/tumblr/instagram, whereas skype and messaging apps are between friends. Facebook isn't that fun anymore with your friends list being filled with family and coworkers.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)05:12 UTC+1 No.7700691 Report

Well I'm from a redneck area so we're kinda slow already, but the nerds (my friends) stay on facebook for whatever reason.

Instagram is so vain/stupid to me. My sister is the type who takes constant selfies and pics of her drinks and I just think who fucking cares.

I need cosplay friends. Maybe then I wouldn't be so grandma.
Iris 07/22/14(Tue)06:02 UTC+1 No.7700834 Report

Cool. I'm totally down to find new people to follow


Followed whoever put theirs up.

Currently playing P3P(first Persona game), Love Live School Idol Festival, and soon to be talking a lot about Otakon. So you'll see a lot of tweets about that. I tweet a lot but I bombed my first account so this one doesn't have much.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)07:57 UTC+1 No.7701035 Report

Only use Twitter for /pol/ raids
>pic related
Xen0m0rpH 07/22/14(Tue)07:59 UTC+1 No.7701040 Report

How many of you are /pol/ around here?

It's quite amazing how little /pol/ has effected this board.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)08:00 UTC+1 No.7701044 Report

I come here maybe once a month to check out hot cosplay chicks. Trust me, /pol/ isn't here or else you'd know
Xen0m0rpH 07/22/14(Tue)08:02 UTC+1 No.7701047 Report

Seems reasonable.

Working on making something to go to these places in.

Not sure I really want to be involved in it's community however.
Seems very cringe.
Xen0m0rpH 07/22/14(Tue)08:04 UTC+1 No.7701053 Report

The amount of traps is also worrying.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)08:06 UTC+1 No.7701056 Report

Degeneracy appears to be rising steadily tripfriend. The community should purge them from their ranks.
Xen0m0rpH 07/22/14(Tue)08:10 UTC+1 No.7701061 Report

It's ingrained to a certain extent I think because society and what-not.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)08:15 UTC+1 No.7701069 Report

The mentally ill should never be accepted into mainstream society. They should treated, but marginalized
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)08:47 UTC+1 No.7701121 Report

I occasionally tweet in Dutch (mostly personal stuff), but if people don't mind that and just want to see the stuff I retweet + my tweets that do come in English:
Enver 07/22/14(Tue)15:34 UTC+1 No.7701510 Report


Mostly just my instagram crap
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)15:35 UTC+1 No.7701512 Report

Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)04:10 UTC+1 No.7703308 Report

Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)04:14 UTC+1 No.7703320 Report

/pol/ has little to no effect here do to the fact that we're all pretty much badass chicks or nerdy guys, neither of which are typically the idiotic /pol/ types.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)04:18 UTC+1 No.7703330 Report

Pretty much this. /pol/'s trolling is generally ignored on /cgl/.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)04:21 UTC+1 No.7703338 Report

I don't want to share mine but I do enjoy following

Ukraine 07/23/14(Wed)04:28 UTC+1 No.7703355 Report

Why the hell not.


Its mostly nonsense. Some cosplay stuff, I've been retweeting mostly Jojo. But if anyones interesting in talking to me or whatever that's the best way to do it.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)04:32 UTC+1 No.7703361 Report

i whine a lot unfortunately but usually it's a lot of talk about video games and animoos.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)04:38 UTC+1 No.7703379 Report

>you get a follow
>and you get a follow
>and everyone gets a follow
Rue 07/23/14(Wed)04:49 UTC+1 No.7703401 Report

Lmao my twitter is so shitty and unfiltered nonsense. I post about cosplay sometimes, but mostly about food and dumb things.

Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)05:32 UTC+1 No.7703477 Report

Mostly just art but the occasional cosplay and prop progress shows up.


I thought I had you added. Added now!
roko 07/23/14(Wed)05:32 UTC+1 No.7703478 Report

popular on the internet
Ukraine 07/23/14(Wed)05:36 UTC+1 No.7703487 Report

Oh hey! Def adding you back
Shiny Spinda 07/23/14(Wed)05:52 UTC+1 No.7703509 Report


I'm sorry
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)05:55 UTC+1 No.7703513 Report

Go away boku.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)08:21 UTC+1 No.7703720 Report

I sort of just started using my twitter again a few months ago, but I'll be starting on some projects again soon that I'll post.

Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)08:27 UTC+1 No.7703726 Report

oopsie poopsie, I accidentally quoted.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)08:35 UTC+1 No.7703739 Report

Cats, knitting/crochet, costumes, videogames. Would love more people to follow!
I usually don't spam twitter but had an exception yesterday.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)13:30 UTC+1 No.7703939 Report

@princelingcat, it's /supposed/ to be my cosplay twitter but I kind of brainvomit into it a lot.
On the plus side if you don't follow the people I talk to regularly (ie; mostly Malaysian/SG cosplayers) then you get a lot less of my random not-so-cosplay-related stuff on your feed.
Letho 07/24/14(Thu)05:13 UTC+1 No.7705382 Report

Mostly IRL ramblings with the occasional weeb and cosplay talk.
Followed a bunch of you guys!
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)06:01 UTC+1 No.7705476 Report
File: ME.jpg-(124x90)
@dingokirai talk about life,...
i talk about life, anime n cosplay
would love to have more people to talk to and all that ahaaa
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)07:59 UTC+1 No.7705814 Report

Neat, twitter thread.

@DisgruntledOta, I ramble a lot about anime, manga and cartoons, sometimes post cosplay progress and photos, often retweet pictures of Hatsune Miku and other 2D girls.

I am also really chatty with people who I follow or follow me who want to talk.

I've already followed a couple people in this thread, and probably will follow a couple more.
Iris 07/25/14(Fri)06:18 UTC+1 No.7707878 Report

Followed a good of y'all

I like this. This is nice.
Anonymous 07/25/14(Fri)20:47 UTC+1 No.7709029 Report


yeah, i agree, I by far prefer twitter over like.... Everything else....
Voldie 07/25/14(Fri)20:51 UTC+1 No.7709035 Report


I talk about cosplay, make passive aggressive tweets about things, and try to be funny.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)05:41 UTC+1 No.7712081 Report

Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)05:46 UTC+1 No.7712089 Report

girl you've posted so much personal info on this board. maybe you should slow down. this kind of thing never ends well.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)05:58 UTC+1 No.7712110 Report

I swear, it's like she has some disorder where she can't help herself or something
I don't think I've ever seen a single "post your ____!" thread that Voldie did not post in. Not one.
Voldie 07/27/14(Sun)05:59 UTC+1 No.7712114 Report

I don't really post personal things on my twitter so it's not like it matters. But thanks for lookin out girl.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)06:03 UTC+1 No.7712129 Report

I said this exact thing to her a few weeks ago and she was all "uh huh yeah okay yeah I'll tone it down" and yet here we are watching her make an ass out of herself again.
I really tried to give her a chance despite the anon hate, but it seems like voldie is in the active pursuit of making herself look dense and immature to as many people as possible. I just hope she crashes and burns quickly, this shit's not even fun to watch. It's just sad.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)06:07 UTC+1 No.7712139 Report

original anon, and I know your name, your tumblr, your twitter, your face, your boyfriend's face, where your mom works, and where you're about to live all just from what you've been posting on this board lately. doesn't that concern you?
Voldie 07/27/14(Sun)06:15 UTC+1 No.7712149 Report

Not really. You know my mom works as a professor, you don't know where. I'm not sure what you mean by "where you're about to live". The rest of the information is pretty useless.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)06:21 UTC+1 No.7712159 Report

You forgot you know her IQ from being so stupid to post all of the listed
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)06:36 UTC+1 No.7712169 Report

based on 2 mins of googling: is her mascot a bruin? seriously though, you should really slow down.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)16:17 UTC+1 No.7712764 Report


Anime, mahou shoujo, yaoi, yuri, anything by Ikuhara-also mild instinces of KDrama and western fandoms. ((Star Trek, Harry Potter))
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)17:29 UTC+1 No.7712915 Report

You have no idea how much people know about you. You have pretty much made your entire life public after your breakup last year. Every single person who goes on here, your friends, the trolls, the whiteknights, they all know all about you now and the many personal things in your life. You say you don't want drama and you don't want this to continue but you do. You love it. You just keep going with it, never stopping.

Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)17:37 UTC+1 No.7712928 Report


I'm the worst ever. Wordvomit. Cosplay. Love Live. UNIEL. Cats.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)18:05 UTC+1 No.7712980 Report

>Robot fueled by hatred and liquor
I know the feeling.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)18:21 UTC+1 No.7712988 Report

I'm sure voldemort loves being harassed every time she posts. Stop being such a fucking moron.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)18:51 UTC+1 No.7713020 Report

I love you already just because of your Jtro quote. But I'm not sure why I'm too scared to tweet you to tell you.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)20:38 UTC+1 No.7713212 Report

screw it, i'll take the chance.


just remade my profile, not a whole lot on it so far. it'll probably end up being random thoughts and wordvomit with the occasional cute thing or photo here and there!
Iris 07/27/14(Sun)20:55 UTC+1 No.7713255 Report

Making Twitter friends is great. People are more active on there. Please more friends

Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)20:58 UTC+1 No.7713267 Report

She loves the attention at least.
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)10:38 UTC+1 No.7714406 Report

Geez the Voldie wk army keeps growing while Voldie keeps getting stupider. So if I act like her can I haz wk army too. I even have boobs that don't look like pork roast does that buy me 5 more recruits or should I just start posting shitty co ords and wàaaaaaaaaaaaaa do people Hate me because I was raped even though I probably asked for it and regretted it comments?
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)10:57 UTC+1 No.7714428 Report


Weaboo crap, animu rants, cosplay. There's a small problem though, I tweet mostly in Spanish. I will reply in my shitty English if you talk to me though.
Ivy 07/28/14(Mon)14:45 UTC+1 No.7714584 Report

Mostly art related shit really.
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)14:53 UTC+1 No.7714592 Report

Oh shit I actually know you.
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)15:34 UTC+1 No.7714636 Report

@chilmarkgryphon - cosplay WIPs and weeb things
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)15:38 UTC+1 No.7714643 Report


90% shit-tweeting, 5% cosplay talk, 5% cat pictures.
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)15:52 UTC+1 No.7714665 Report


Just general things and weird antics.
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)17:13 UTC+1 No.7714775 Report

it's really embarrassing how hard you're trying right now...
Iris 07/28/14(Mon)17:27 UTC+1 No.7714798 Report

You live right by me. And holy crap your medicine seller chest is amazing
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)19:08 UTC+1 No.7714975 Report

This person here. I changed my twitter account to @mikacascade
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)19:45 UTC+1 No.7715027 Report

@fernby_ for a fun time ey
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)04:56 UTC+1 No.7716116 Report

Maguma 07/29/14(Tue)06:46 UTC+1 No.7716337 Report

Why not. @magumausagi

I tweet every so often about random shit or silly ideas
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)07:39 UTC+1 No.7716438 Report


I'm disgusting and post random shit because I hardly socialize with real humans.
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)21:02 UTC+1 No.7717697 Report

Shit Anon, that was me. Top kek.
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)21:19 UTC+1 No.7717721 Report

Well regardless of it being a joke or legit I was laughing so hard I was crying. Thank you.
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)22:13 UTC+1 No.7717798 Report


Animu, cosplay and just general talk. 95% in English.
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)22:34 UTC+1 No.7717839 Report

okay fine i'll bite the bullet


i'm sorry
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)23:04 UTC+1 No.7717909 Report

A little from column A, a little from column B. That is one of my favourite reaction images too.
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