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Why cosplayers are always...
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)13:19 UTC+1 No.7688414 Report

Why cosplayers are always faggots?
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)13:39 UTC+1 No.7688431 Report

Same reason OP is always a faggot.
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)15:28 UTC+1 No.7688549 Report

why are sonic fags always faggots?
>it is a mystery :o
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)15:30 UTC+1 No.7688553 Report

what's wrong with being a fag?
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)15:39 UTC+1 No.7688564 Report

What's wrong with pretending to be gay? I want to dress up as homura and I have a full beard/hairy legs/big figure. I'm 100% straight of course.
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)16:02 UTC+1 No.7688584 Report

I find this more tolerable than 90% of the statuses made by 'cosplay famous' assnuggets.

>omg stop looking at my boobs k boobs aren't the only important part of cosplay k btw did you notice my tits in this costume?
>stop fat/skinnyshaming me!!!!!!!!!!
>so liek this one beyotch never paid me for my commission and I was all liek hermagurddd I'm gonna stretch this drama to last four months instead of taking decisive action I'm just that outraged
>please donate to my gofundme, you may deserve your money but I deserve it more!

I wish there were a cosplay assholes blog where everyone submitted really shitty/hypocritical statuses made by these morons. It would never end.
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