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Wig thread?
Wig thread? Anonymous 09/20/14(Sat)18:41 UTC+1 No.7830311 Report

Hi /cgl/, I need a few wig tips here.
I never styled a wig before and this is the first time I've tried to make a fake, glued hairline in a wig. It failed horribly.
Since the wigs I used to practice with are really cheap and bad quality (like, I comb them and hair keeps falling out), I wonder if that also influences the result? Or would the result be the same (since I have no experience at all) if I'd buy more expensive wigs?
There is a lot of glue visible even though I didn't used too many. Could this be because the wigs I used are bad quality, or because the fabric glue I used is crap?
I absolutely don't know what would be a 'good' result, how fabric glue can react to wigs and if there would be any difference in using cheap or expensive wigs.

I know it's something that takes practice, I've already looked up tutorials and video's on how to but I'd still like to get some advice.

Also general wig thread? Since there is none in the catalog.
Thanks in advance sweet anons
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