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Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)17:36 UTC+1 No.7686034 Report

dear /cgl/, i'm going to my first con in october, and feel the need to do a good cosplay, it's like a dream i've had for years, but now i have ONE question i really need help with:

here goes, is it okay to cosplay as your own version of a certain character? pic slightly related, darth vader/punk version? is this acceptable or do people frown upon it?
keep in mind i'm going for a high quality costume (plus i have all the resources for it), it's not going to look like a cheap wallmart getup.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)17:42 UTC+1 No.7686048 Report

Some people frown on it but it's not unheard of. There are a fair number of people doing something similar right now with 'Punk Sailor Moon'.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)07:08 UTC+1 No.7690633 Report

i don't understand the concept because vader wouldn't be a punk or a rebel in any way, he has the words rebel scum on his jacket and what is a punk if not a rebel?

it would make more sense for vader to be a clean cut business man (but evil and corrupt) and the rebelion/solo & chewie and jedi/skywalker to be punks/rebels/bikers/dirtbags (with hearts of gold).

vader would even make sense as a dirty cop more than a punk rocker.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)07:16 UTC+1 No.7690653 Report

cgl hates this kind of thing but it's usually popular on other social media. Do with that information what you will.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)07:34 UTC+1 No.7690681 Report

not OP but I love this idea
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)09:58 UTC+1 No.7690851 Report

thank you
i think i want to draw it up

so you either want to be popular to idiots or you want to be right to a bunch of assholes?

of those two options i'd probably want to be right to assholes personally but i'm not op

but personally i do usually change stuff from source material to fit my design or ideas, but never have i cross mediums or gender bent or any of that stuff.
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