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Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)16:57 UTC+1 No.5502049 Report

Has anyone ever tried a cold brew coffee?
What's the difference between an iced coffee and a cold brew? Somebody at work mentioned this and recommended that i try it out. 24 hours seems like an long time to wait for a slightly less acidic coffee or whatever.
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)16:59 UTC+1 No.5502052 Report

It uses huge amounts of coffee but you can use horibble beans and still get amazing brew.

This method is the perfect way to use all the shit coffee in your freezers.

Honestly turns chicken shit into chicken salad.
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)17:00 UTC+1 No.5502056 Report

that's exactly what they said.
good to know.
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)19:01 UTC+1 No.5502342 Report

>cold brew coffee
I tried it, not really much different to normal coffee (except colder, of course). ymv, lots of people say it's good but it's more effort and less caffeine for no significant taste change.

>difference between iced coffee and cold brew
Iced coffee is made like normal coffee (hot) then cooled with ice and milk. Cold brew is brewed with cold water over a long time, and potentially heated after, without the beans.
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)19:28 UTC+1 No.5502404 Report

How did you brew it?
The taste is very different to most people.
Many do not care for it.
There are sweet and chocolate tones running pretty overpoweringly Strong in most cold brews.
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)22:29 UTC+1 No.5502914 Report

Do you have to let it brew for 24 hours?
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)22:32 UTC+1 No.5502923 Report

We served it at a restaurant I worked at, apparently its less acidic but has the same amount of caffeine and very nice taste.

Not all beans are good for it though, we used an Ethiopian and Indonesian coffee
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)22:47 UTC+1 No.5502953 Report

I did it at uni for my end of year exams.

I just hot brewed it in a massive cauldron with some lemon and sugar and then strained it into empty milk cartons.

It helped me cope with the 4hours a night sleep I had for a fortnight. Just poured some out of the jug when I needed to stay awake.

After my last exam, I passed out on the way home and was woken up by my hall mate.
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)22:52 UTC+1 No.5502968 Report

Cold brewed coffee is incredible IMO. You need some fancy glass dripper shit. You could probably make your own with a few chemistry supplies, but rigs generally look something like this. Ice water in the top, slowly dripping over medium grind beans, drips down into a container. Takes like 5-8 hours.
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)22:53 UTC+1 No.5502969 Report

I've brewed it as few as 6, it's really not exact.

You just pour water over grounds and stick it in the fridge. Filter and drink, whoopee
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)23:00 UTC+1 No.5502977 Report

>You need some fancy glass dripper shit.
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)00:00 UTC+1 No.5503086 Report

put a few spoonfuls into a jar, added cold water and put in the fridge for about 28 hours. then i filtered it using a cafetiere and drank it.
i usually use a moka pot for hot coffee
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)00:06 UTC+1 No.5503107 Report

This is not cold brew. I forget what it's called (ice drip or something). Cold brew is just sticking grounds and room temperature water in a jar for 12 hours and then filtering.
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)00:19 UTC+1 No.5503131 Report

>at room temp
That is not cold brewing at all. That is warm brewing.
Anonymous 06/10/14(Tue)00:30 UTC+1 No.5505021 Report

Don't be dumb. It won't make any difference in extraction. It's called cold brew because your water is much colder than the usual 205 F.
Anonymous 06/10/14(Tue)03:29 UTC+1 No.5505520 Report

I guess I do warm brewing as well then.
12 to 17 hours on the counter.
Anonymous 06/11/14(Wed)03:14 UTC+1 No.5507779 Report

Honestly, there's not a huge difference.
I tried it once. I want to do it again in a larger batch.
I thought the taste was slightly less bitter and mellow, but still strong.

I like the fact that it's cold and waiting in the fridge when I wake up. No ice cubes to water the drink down later is a bonus.
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