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Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)21:16 UTC+1 No.5979733 Report

Just received my first biweekly produce box from my local co-op. How's it look ck?
Anonymous 11/17/14(Mon)06:24 UTC+1 No.5984407 Report


I think a science experiment is in order.
Anonymous 11/17/14(Mon)06:14 UTC+1 No.5984376 Report

Believe what you will.
Anonymous 11/17/14(Mon)06:07 UTC+1 No.5984338 Report

It means they didn't get enough water, ya goob.
Anonymous 11/17/14(Mon)06:10 UTC+1 No.5984356 Report

Hammer is a produce?

what kind of thing does it grow on
Anonymous 11/17/14(Mon)06:12 UTC+1 No.5984363 Report

>It means they didn't get enough water, ya goob
its a sign of heat jr
Anonymous 11/17/14(Mon)06:07 UTC+1 No.5984337 Report

sugar cane is eaten by chewing and enjoying the juices
spit out the fibrous remains
Anonymous 11/16/14(Sun)19:13 UTC+1 No.5982287 Report

looks good, but beware those cracks running down your jalapenos mean that those are going to be some HOT ass peppers
Anonymous 11/17/14(Mon)06:05 UTC+1 No.5984332 Report

Anonymous 11/16/14(Sun)07:27 UTC+1 No.5981198 Report

>navel oranges
Hell yeah.
Anonymous 11/16/14(Sun)02:21 UTC+1 No.5980530 Report

so is that sugar cane meant to be used as weapon to steal a reasonable amount of food from some other people?
Anonymous 11/16/14(Sun)02:09 UTC+1 No.5980497 Report

>3 stalks of green bean

Fuck me sideway
Anonymous 11/16/14(Sun)02:04 UTC+1 No.5980469 Report

Total was $35. It's always a crap shoot what I get, but I can't beat the price.
Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)22:14 UTC+1 No.5979844 Report

but it included home delivery
Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)22:19 UTC+1 No.5979856 Report

fuck...that sounds amazing

I need to see if we have something like that around here
Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)22:49 UTC+1 No.5979922 Report

lucky :( here it would just be root vegetable root vegetable and more root vegetable at this point in the season
Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)22:13 UTC+1 No.5979837 Report

Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)22:02 UTC+1 No.5979817 Report

Looks pretty good. I got some extras so mine was a big haul this week. 2 each acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash. Five pounds each of russet and red potatoes, green onions, sweet onions, red onions, cranberries, two large sweet potatoes, hot house cukes, two bunches of asparagus, carrots, and fresh rosemary and sage. We typically have about one hundred people in our co-op so the money stretches a bit further.
Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)21:50 UTC+1 No.5979795 Report

Oranges ala hammer is fucking delicious.
Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)21:58 UTC+1 No.5979805 Report

How much did that cost you? $40?
Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)21:33 UTC+1 No.5979757 Report

Looks like it’s time to go to the store and get some ingredients to make meals out of. Enjoy chewing on your sugar cane though.
Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)21:39 UTC+1 No.5979765 Report

hnnnnng dat sugar cane
Anonymous 11/15/14(Sat)21:18 UTC+1 No.5979735 Report

The haul

>navel oranges
>jalapeno peppers
>green onions
>green beans
>salad mix
>shiitake mushrooms
>baby mustard greens
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