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Packed Lunches Tom 06/25/14(Wed)16:11 UTC+1 No.5546677 Report

Hey there, just wondering what we packing in our lunch boxes for work, school or college?

I normally have a sandwich, packet of crisps and a couple piece of fruit.

Wanting to mix it up a bit, what does everyone else pack?
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)16:13 UTC+1 No.5546686 Report

Usually a sandwich, a bag of chips, and a couple pieces of fruit.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)16:15 UTC+1 No.5546689 Report

tried everything, eventually settled on buying food all the fucking time

not healthy or cheap, but yea.... i work hard
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)16:16 UTC+1 No.5546695 Report

I like warm lunches so I'll bring soup leftovers or fried rice or something.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)16:18 UTC+1 No.5546703 Report

Do you work walking distance from a grocery?
Buy a bunch of bananas or whatever fruit n vege n Munch on them. It was low mess stuff that did me for the busy shifts
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)16:19 UTC+1 No.5546709 Report

I find that making some quick cold salads can be a good side dish for your sandwiches, or a main if you prefer. One of these salads can last you all week.

For example, I'll boil up some corn on the cob, blanch some green beans, and open up a can of blackeye peas. Cut off the corn, mix all the ingredients together with some olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, basil, what have you. Really good for summer.

I will also do a bowtie pasta with sundried tomatoes, spinach, sauteed mushrooms and garlic, olives, and then some chickpeas or blackeyed peas or red kidney beans. I use pretty much the same sauce mixture as well, it's a go-to comfort sort of thing. I'm sure some balsamic vinaigrette would be nice, I'm just not a big vinegar person.

Both of these suggestions are pretty darn cheap, too. The only pricey thing is the sundried tomatoes. If anyone has experience with making their own sundried tomatoes and wants to share, I'd appreciate it: $3 for a tiny bag is a bit expensive for some of us (I'll use two bags to a box of pasta).
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)16:20 UTC+1 No.5546710 Report

sometimes cold pasta, cous cous or noodles with veg and maybe some chicken
this recipe is basic but nice http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/sesame-peanut-noodles-83
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)16:25 UTC+1 No.5546733 Report

It really varies. If it hasn't been a busy week I cook up some rice, chicken, lentils or whatever in volume and bring some each day. If I'm totally slammed its just cut raw cukes, carrots, broccoli, and salad. maybe some cottage cheese or deli meat for protein
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)16:30 UTC+1 No.5546744 Report

For school I bring snacks then eat a meal when I get home. Usually packs of trail mix with dried cranberries and yogurt covered raisins with walnuts, almonds and cashews as well as fruit usually grapes or strawberrie which I just put into sammich bags.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)16:32 UTC+1 No.5546747 Report

Usually some type of salad with a few kiwis to snack on during the day.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)16:48 UTC+1 No.5546785 Report

I turn last night's meat into a salad the next day. Simply cook an extra portion. You can also double the grain portion.

Chicken breast. Cube it, add celery, onion, curry powder, raisins, apple, cilantro. Enjoy on toasted bread, a roll, some crackers, or on top of a salad.

Steak. Salad with greens, blue cheese dressing, nuts, herbs, tomatoes, cucumber. Or, asianfy it with some cold rice, cucumbers, ginger-carrot dressing over all. Some of that undressed pasta you set aside, peanut dressing (mocked in seconds).

Pork chop? Meatloaf?
Slice widthwise, BBQ sauce, sliced onion, maybe a couple bread n butter pickles.

For starchy sides, consider just a bunch of marinated grilled or roasted vegetables. I love some butternut squash, red onion, eggplant, can even make it a dip with pita chips. Same can be done with texas caviar and other bean or tabbouleh salads.

I might buy a stack of wraps, like lavash or pitabread, spread with cream cheese, and add some arugula, baby mesclun or watercress, and then the leftovers, along with some jarred peppers. Great with smoked deli turkey or something hot. Add some chutney to change it up.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)19:22 UTC+1 No.5547067 Report


I just eat left overs of whatever I cooked the night before. I try to cook every night and after work I am up to something more elaborate than I would be packing a lunch in the morning.

I also enjoy this because it has a lot of variety and because usually the night before I wished to eat more of what I cooked for dinner, but gorging yourself is unhealthy and I try to maintain human portions but because mentally I am a fatass, really I wanted eat until bursting. Knowing I am going to eat more of it the next day helps prevent me over eating what I had for dinner.
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