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The Price of Meat Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)19:41 UTC+1 No.5530154 Report

What is going on with the price of meat lately?

I'm making 1/3 of what I made in 2008 due to the shit economy and I'm paying 300% more for a fucking london broil than I did then.

Can someone explain this to me?
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)19:42 UTC+1 No.5530158 Report

Where do you live?
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)19:44 UTC+1 No.5530162 Report

dallas area
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)19:44 UTC+1 No.5530163 Report

meat market has been hit by a shit ton of disease lately and there's been a few mergers.
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)19:46 UTC+1 No.5530167 Report

I think that the drought conditions have contributed to the problem as well because there are fewer cattle available.

Think about the supply and demand curves and look at what happens when the supply of a good is reduced.
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)19:48 UTC+1 No.5530172 Report


Thanks Obama.
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)19:58 UTC+1 No.5530203 Report

these two. disease and drought, basically.
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)20:01 UTC+1 No.5530207 Report

buy chicken faggot
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)20:04 UTC+1 No.5530225 Report

if the rest of meat industry is getting hit by disease I can't imagine how bad the most unregulated meat of the group is doing. I'm buying beans for a while and a fine cut of something on the week ends.
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)20:06 UTC+1 No.5530230 Report

doin it right
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)21:45 UTC+1 No.5530437 Report

As people have said, disease /drought are part of it, another big cause is increased demand from emerging markets, particularly China. I forget the exact number but China's importing something like 3-4 times more beef/pork/chicken then it was just a few years ago. Increased demand =increased price
06/19/14(Thu)21:54 UTC+1 No.5530454 Report

I remember getting store brand hot sausage for 2 bucks a pound a year ago and haven't seen it go for under 4$ in recent memory

fuck this I need to make a big batch of sauce but don't feel like paying 2x
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)22:03 UTC+1 No.5530474 Report

chicken breast: $1.50/lb
ground pork sausage: $2.50/lb
ground beef: $3.00/lb

*sale prices

that's all the meat i buy on a regular basis, so i dunno what other shit costs.
unagi 06/19/14(Thu)22:37 UTC+1 No.5530562 Report

Just make you own london broil. Thats a butterflyed flank steak rolled with stuffing right?
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)08:47 UTC+1 No.5532138 Report

- Drought
- Disease
- Artificial inflation of market to increase corporate profit
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)10:42 UTC+1 No.5532286 Report

Obama's fault. Really. Welcome to your new reality.
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)10:44 UTC+1 No.5532287 Report

>Artificial inflation of market to increase corporate profit
Try "real inflation brought on by the Federal Reserve's policies, as performed by Obama appointees."

It's going to get much, much worse soon, too, due to non-dollar-denominated trade deals and continued money-printing by the Federal Reserve.
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)14:32 UTC+1 No.5532437 Report

Because fat fucks think they need it every single day, for every single meal. Meat consumption is way too high and that's why we have to deal with shit tier meat and high prices on produce (due to subsidies).
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)20:03 UTC+1 No.5533077 Report

Butterflied? No, it's sliced thin, then marinated.
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)20:11 UTC+1 No.5533092 Report

this is pretty much what i buy in terms of price for meat myself, I wont go over it unless its a treat.
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)20:13 UTC+1 No.5533098 Report

money isn't inflating at a rate we wouldnt expect if another republican was in office. stop blaming everything on this 4years scape goat you faggot
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)20:22 UTC+1 No.5533118 Report

I know I hate how much control the president has over meat prices
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)22:18 UTC+1 No.5533401 Report


Drought. Past two summers have been absolute shit for hay crop. Can't feed animals over winter. That is why it was so cheap recently, everyone had to send all their animals to slaughter. Now it is expensive because everyone only kept a few animals.

Last summer was particularly bad. All the farmers were trying to feed unaged silage to their animals. A farmer not 10 miles down the road from me had 400 animals die of nitrogen poisoning. That was stupid of him. He could at least have sold them.

I had 200 head of cattle. Now I have 24 head of cattle to keep the yard down. I sold so that this year I can sell whatever hay I manage to get for exorbitant prices. The cattle I am selling now are going for near 1000 dollars on the hoof where I once would have been astonished to receive 750.

It is the drought. Some say that it is global warming and surely that is part of it, it does seem like the weather is especially volitile lately. But there have always been droughts. Part of it is just bad luck. But it all trickles down to the grocery. That's why milk is bad too but at least dairy has even more subsidy laid by for it.
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)22:21 UTC+1 No.5533410 Report

This. Cattle isn't the only livestock affected, chicken and pork have doubled in price over the last year where I live. I work at a restaurant and our vendors have been saying the price of feed and fuel have been driving up the prices. Typically they are full of shit but I have since heard the same from farmers in my area. Midwest fag btw.
Anonymous 06/20/14(Fri)22:52 UTC+1 No.5533472 Report

its volatile not volitile

also, here in the Europes we've had the opposite of a drought and a great cattle year (these past two years have been amazing).

Seasons go in circles, there's no globel werming crap. Meat is the cheapest its ever been here
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