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File: Joe_Murray_cameo_Rocko_Modern_Life.png-(2 MB, 720x1574)
Are there more creators cameos...
Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:01 UTC+1 No.59716288 Report

Are there more creators cameos in their own shows?

I only know Joe Murray cameo in Rocko's Modern Life
Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:05 UTC+1 No.59716397 Report
File: Paul_Rudish_Craig_McCracken_Don_Shank_Criss_Cross_Crisis.jpg-(125x93)
Craig, Paul Rudish and Don...
Craig, Paul Rudish and Don Shank.

I'm sure that there's more in the show.
Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:07 UTC+1 No.59716446 Report

Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:08 UTC+1 No.59716469 Report

The episode of Chowder where CH Greenblat appeared as a puppet.
Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:13 UTC+1 No.59716594 Report

Jhnoen in Invader Zim.

He choked on a fish.
retal4 03/10/14(Mon)23:19 UTC+1 No.59716758 Report

Maxwell Atoms in Billy & Mandy.
Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:20 UTC+1 No.59716781 Report

I don't remember him being that tall...
Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:27 UTC+1 No.59717016 Report

I dont know her name but apparently its her disneysona
Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:29 UTC+1 No.59717081 Report

This is awful
Canadian Steve 03/10/14(Mon)23:33 UTC+1 No.59717226 Report

Craig Bartlett in Hey Arnold!
Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:57 UTC+1 No.59718041 Report

like almost every episode
Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:58 UTC+1 No.59718108 Report

Jhonen Vasquez from Invader zim
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:01 UTC+1 No.59718190 Report

Sam Register
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:04 UTC+1 No.59718311 Report

George Lucas

Good news: it actually wasn't his idea
Bad news: it was his daughter's
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:11 UTC+1 No.59718592 Report

Absolutely disgusting
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:13 UTC+1 No.59718665 Report

>Red hair
>white skin
Can he be more of a pocho?
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:14 UTC+1 No.59718712 Report

This reminds me, was Wacky Deli really a cry for help? Did he really wanted to stop making cartoons at some point but his work got in the way?
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:15 UTC+1 No.59718777 Report

Yes. The cartoon was the cause of a lot of stress for him, beginning with his wife's suicide.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:16 UTC+1 No.59718798 Report

Jhonen Vasquez=100% faggot
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:18 UTC+1 No.59718892 Report

>Maxwell Atoms looks like a complete tool
Why am I not surprised?
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:28 UTC+1 No.59719314 Report

He really looks like a complete tool
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:31 UTC+1 No.59719412 Report


He looks like a substituent teacher
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:31 UTC+1 No.59719414 Report

This explains a lot.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)00:34 UTC+1 No.59719516 Report

I'm going to guess he was the one douche everyone knew in high school who thought he was hilarious even if nobody else did and wouldn't shut up.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)01:03 UTC+1 No.59720637 Report

I thought the same http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSzri_Ricqc
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)01:14 UTC+1 No.59721074 Report

John Dilworth was in Courage's TV
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)01:14 UTC+1 No.59721082 Report

Happens a bunch in BTAS. Timm, Dini and the gang also show up in Harley & Ivy, and obviously Timm's the toy guy from 'Grey Ghost'.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)01:38 UTC+1 No.59721892 Report

>hey dad i wanna include your cameo character in a clone wars episode
>i also wanna include greedo because shitting on star wars fans is in my blood
George must have been so proud.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)01:41 UTC+1 No.59722017 Report

She's way to the side and it's for a brief second. Frankly I think it's a pretty cute design.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)01:45 UTC+1 No.59722129 Report

In this case he made more of himself than any of us did.

He seems incredibly normal right there, actually.
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