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>Of course, I’m not...
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:01 UTC+1 No.59736230 Report

>Of course, I’m not making what Watterson was making on his Calvin and Hobbes series, but after having lived so long in poverty I think I’d rather live comfortably than live in destitute while have my artistic integrity intact.

>What do you guys think?
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:04 UTC+1 No.59736265 Report

>artistic integrity
Ah, there's the joke.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:05 UTC+1 No.59736268 Report


Who would license inflation porn?
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:05 UTC+1 No.59736273 Report

Well at least he's honest.

The joke obviously draws from the absurdism that anyone would actually pay him for his own creative work.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:07 UTC+1 No.59736288 Report

Too far, Dobson.

How dare you even acknowledge the man.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:08 UTC+1 No.59736298 Report

So that's why there's no stickers of that blue bear thing pissing on the Honda logo
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:09 UTC+1 No.59736312 Report

what a sad hunk of shit
>Of course, I’m not making what Watterson was making on his Calvin and Hobbes series

The fact he only cares about money and not his craft, he should be saying

>I'm not making the quality work as Watterson I should just stop.

He thinks him self the same quality when his a shit artist and a shit person.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:12 UTC+1 No.59736351 Report


you'd be amazed what people will buy.

fisherman's motto: put anything on a hook, and somewhere, there's a fish that'll bite.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:15 UTC+1 No.59736388 Report
File: alex_is_a_pirate___edge_of_the_world_01_by_eviltomp-d781ypy.jpg-(39x125)
The biggest problem of dobson...
The biggest problem of dobson is that he hasn't any product to license

generic manga lesbian pirate comic with no adventures and blue carebear in fedora strawmaning all the time aren't products of comic industry at all
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:22 UTC+1 No.59736462 Report
File: 1391022096754.jpg-(125x42)
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:22 UTC+1 No.59736469 Report

He tried to make a Garfieldesque elf once.

It was trash.

I think one of Dobson's greatest faults us that he just isn't very creative in general.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:26 UTC+1 No.59736519 Report

I remember him posting because nobody bought his book, and of course it was because of the ordering process.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:26 UTC+1 No.59736521 Report

I know the popular thing to do is shit on Dobson because he deserves to be shit on but as autobiographical comics go this one isn't bad. He both admits he's not on Wattersons level, doesn't give him shit for sticking to his integrity and is honest about how fast he would sell out if he had the opportunity.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:28 UTC+1 No.59736543 Report

Yeah, that post was really strange.

It's like he couldn't fathom that no one wanted his books.

Granted, it's pretty shitty when only one out of a hundred thousand buys your book, but still.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:29 UTC+1 No.59736552 Report

If all dobson cared about was money then wouldn't he still also be doing inflation pron?
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)11:32 UTC+1 No.59736587 Report

Remember this is a man who turned down a job to paint a school mural because he says he can't paint.

He turned down an offer to do a children's book because that kind of stuff is beneath him.
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