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3M car wash shampoo Anonymous 04/14/14(Mon)14:33 UTC+1 No.625256 Report


i found few links on how to make generic car shampoo. however am wondering on how to make 3M class car shampoo.

please help anons
Anonymous 04/14/14(Mon)16:39 UTC+1 No.625278 Report

1$ bottles of dishwashing soap?
Anonymous 04/14/14(Mon)18:21 UTC+1 No.625302 Report

>generic car shampoo
It's called "laundry detergent".
Just go to the dollar store or somewhere else cheap and buy the cheapest powdered laundry detergent you can find, throw some in a bucket and fill it up with the hose. Works great, has been used by millions and millions of car owners for decades and decades. Spend the money you save this way on some decent hard wax and give your car a few coats of that after it's clean and dry.
>thinking you need something special to wash your car
Anonymous 04/14/14(Mon)20:09 UTC+1 No.625345 Report

Detergent: strips wax, can dull finish.
Not using formulated car wash on a $100,000 Porsche; LOL.
Anonymous 04/14/14(Mon)20:13 UTC+1 No.625351 Report

how shitty does a magic soap need to be to not strip wax?
Anonymous 04/14/14(Mon)23:16 UTC+1 No.625440 Report

Glad you learned of the perils of using detergent.
Anonymous 04/15/14(Tue)03:15 UTC+1 No.625543 Report

>not waxing your car every time you wash it for maximum protection
>implying some faggot on 4chan has a $100,000 Porche
>implying someone who owns a $100,000 Porche would be fucking around trying to save money on car washing
>implying someone who owns a $100,000 Porche is even washing the goddamn thing themselves
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