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Aluminium casting
Aluminium casting Anonymous 05/17/14(Sat)14:13 UTC+1 No.639461 Report

I recently tried my hand at aluminium casting but only in very small quantities but I am having big problems getting it to pour from my crucible as it oxidisers or solidifies before it reaches my mould, i am wondering what the best flux is to use? I am not worried about degassing as the peaces aren't used structurally at all.
Anonymous 05/17/14(Sat)15:28 UTC+1 No.639481 Report

It sounds like you just need a larger amount of metal and have it at a higher temp. That way it will hold the heat longer so you can pour. To help prevent excess dross on top, use a container that has a smaller opening so less air reaches the molten metal.

I never had your troubles, but I was always pouring really hot metal.
Anonymous 05/17/14(Sat)16:19 UTC+1 No.639497 Report

the oxidization problem is because:
you're not using enough flux
you're not making your mould with deep enough casts. the inlet for your cast should be long enough to allow shitty slag to be on the top so when you take it apart you just grind off the crap.

the cooling too fast problem is caused by you not heating it enough or taking too long to pour.
op 05/17/14(Sat)18:02 UTC+1 No.639531 Report

cheers for the advice guys, i will try again tomorrow using a greater amount of metal and heating for longer. What is the best flux to use?
Anonymous 05/17/14(Sat)18:04 UTC+1 No.639532 Report

this motherfucker right here has a bunch of videos on this.
Anonymous 05/17/14(Sat)20:17 UTC+1 No.639573 Report

OP, try using far superior American aluminum instead.
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