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Any electricians on tonight?
Any electricians on tonight? Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)06:47 UTC+1 No.636379 Report

I need help with a florescent lamp. Pic related, the lamp in question. The incandescent bulb works fine but the florescent bulb doesn't light up. I have tested the bulb itself and it works good in another fixture. I have also tested the ballast with an auto-ranging multimeter on Ohms setting and it "moves the needle" and I've been told thats all I need. I have *also* swapped ballasts with a known good ballast of a similar type just in case but the bulb still refuses to light. I've checked the wires with a multimeter and they have continuity. That leaves the switch.
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)06:50 UTC+1 No.636381 Report

>That leaves the switch.
it sure does.
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)06:55 UTC+1 No.636383 Report

Seeing as how there is no starter in this lamp I'm assuming this is my failure point; a starter switch. I have no clue how to test it nor can I find a replacement. The only writing in it is its Cat. UL 1901, 40w 125VAC and F.L.S. On the back it has a capital F inside a circle. It has 4 wires and is a push button type. Push and hold to start the lamp, push again to switch it off. I've found a company called Circle F that may have been the OEM but they've been out of business for quite awhile. I've found some references online to a Leviton switch that may work as a replacement but they are discontinued and the only suppliers I've found are selling either NOS or used switches at a *huge* mark up. 30-60 bucks for just the switch. Wat do?
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)07:00 UTC+1 No.636384 Report

you test it by bypassing it.
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)07:04 UTC+1 No.636386 Report

But its also the starter. How do I light the bulb without a starter? I can't find any 4 wire starter switches to substitute either, which is why I've come here for help. I was hoping someone here might have a line on some, or at least the proper terms to search for that will bring up some results that doesn't cost as much as a new lamp.
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)07:06 UTC+1 No.636387 Report

Could you draw up a wiring diagram? That would help.
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)07:15 UTC+1 No.636391 Report

Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)07:50 UTC+1 No.636398 Report

Pic related. I shall name him Derp. Totally didn't notice the derp face till I finished. Unless I fucked something up this is how it is wired up.

Its a used switch, just look at some of the other pics. All told they want just under $20 once you throw in shipping and their bullshit "handling fee." Thanks for the link but I will pass on them.
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)07:59 UTC+1 No.636403 Report

the pushbutton are the red wires. the switch are the black ones. black ones go on for 1st press then off for next press. the red ones go on when pressed, off when released.
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)08:01 UTC+1 No.636404 Report

yeah, I was going to type this up because I'd do it manually to test if the switch was the problem, but then I remembered that I've a little bit blown up a bulb doing it.
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)08:04 UTC+1 No.636406 Report

you could just put a regular autostarter where the switch was (2 red wires) and wire in a regular on/off switch (black wires).
Anonymous 05/10/14(Sat)08:14 UTC+1 No.636408 Report

Unfortunately all that crap is really cramped inside the housing of the lamp. The switch that controls the incandescent light has to be able to poke out the top of the housing, its what hold the whole thing in, and its mounted on the back of the reflector. Its already a pretty tight fit and there is no room for a switch and a separate stater in there. Its next to impossible to get the thing back together with all that wiring and wire nuts as it is :( Unless you know of a super compact starter I don't think that is an option. The only starters I know of are about the size of a sub-C cell battery not counting its socket and I don't think that will fit.
Anonymous 05/11/14(Sun)08:33 UTC+1 No.636824 Report


Its only 8 bucks shipped. Might not be new, it doesn't say, but thats a lot cheaper and should work.
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