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Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)03:49 UTC+1 No.626376 Report

Anyone have any experience with smoking/curing meats and cheeses?

I don't have experience at all, but from what i'm seeing on youtube they're all pretty much stacked in trays and they all look really complicated.

Is this dual purpose smoker in picture i drew feasible? Also will post more ideas with pics in thread:
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)15:14 UTC+1 No.626517 Report

There isn't a single person on /diy/ who is familiar with smoking foods?
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)16:34 UTC+1 No.626552 Report

You might want to take this one to /ck/ I am a long time chef and the setup you have is going to roast your meat not smoke it. With that set up the chimney part will get very hot and your meat will cook/burn. When smoking you want to do it at a lower temp for a longer time. Otherwise you get smoke on the outside and it doesn't penetrate. A simple smoker is just a metal cabinet with a small firebox on the side for you to put your wood in. I guess you could make one out of brick as well if metal working isn't your thing.
nona 04/18/14(Fri)01:07 UTC+1 No.626701 Report

Is refer a food, made some brownies wit it, and definitely smoked
the weed.
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