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Basic (I think) wire repair
Basic (I think) wire repair Anonymous 05/17/14(Sat)19:50 UTC+1 No.639559 Report

Hi /diy/, here's a (hopefully) informative picture of what I'm dealing with. I suspect that the conducting material inside the wire has become damaged through bending, and needs to be repaired by soldering. Am I right?
Anonymous 05/17/14(Sat)19:55 UTC+1 No.639562 Report

Sounds like you're right.
Instead of attempting to fix the current damaged plug itself, it's generally better idea to get a new plug and attach (solder) it to the wire.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)03:09 UTC+1 No.639701 Report

But your kind of problem tends to involve cut insulation. You couldn't just solder the wires without expecting multiple wires to contact each other. The finish would also look like total shit.
As other anon stated, simplest and best looking fix is to solder on a new plug.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)03:24 UTC+1 No.639706 Report


Yes, that's what ALWAYS happens with those kinds of plugs. Good fucking luck fixing that. You're going to be better off buying a new plug and soldering that on to the existing wire.

Trust me on this. I've had to fix a lot of these.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)04:22 UTC+1 No.639736 Report

The hell is the plug fused with the laptop?

I have had only one laptop, but I've never seen anyone else with this issue either.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)04:54 UTC+1 No.639750 Report

wiggle it until the power goes on then hot glue it in that position.
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