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Cheap Location Trackign
Cheap Location Trackign Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)06:51 UTC+1 No.663725 Report

Is there something cheap I can use to track location of something with GPS or maybe some type of remote that will lead me to the thing? I am tired or searching for my quadcopter when my friend loses it.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)06:53 UTC+1 No.663726 Report

dont lend it to your friend. or get a gps locator tag for it. google is your friend.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)21:41 UTC+1 No.664014 Report

Depending on the range, something like a remote activated horn/alarm or radio homing setup might be cheaper.
Anonymous 07/10/14(Thu)23:56 UTC+1 No.665566 Report

Wireless lamp switch, but use it to control a little 9 volt buzzer. Everything should be available at Radio Shack
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)03:36 UTC+1 No.666117 Report

Add some small normally-open lever switches to the landing pads (or whatever it uses) and use them to control a small battery operated buzzer.

When the quadcopter is on the ground, the switches should close and sound the buzzer.
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)03:40 UTC+1 No.666119 Report

> Letting your friends fuck with your expensive and potentially lethal devices.
> Spending more money so they can continue access and fuck with your expensive and potentially lethal devices.

It's not theirs, they have no concern about it, and they know because you're a friend you will not curb stomp them for crashing it into the middle of a lake. Grow a fucking pair and tell him to fuck off and buy his own.
Ellie 07/13/14(Sun)10:30 UTC+1 No.666898 Report

How big is the quadcopter? The usual go-to for tracking vehicles and balloons is a Motorola i290 prepaid phone and the instamapper App.

If it's small, Option B is a circuit that beeps loudly when the throttle is off. I want one of these for my son's heli. Let me know if you find one.
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