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Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)08:14 UTC+1 No.641588 Report

Hey /diy/.
I need to get a motor going. And I have to use a star delta starter.
I have three cables coming from some contactors, but the motor only has three terminals inside the terminal box.

How do I go about hooking this up?
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)08:24 UTC+1 No.641590 Report

Excuse me, im retarded at writing. I have two Three core cables. And only 3 terminals.
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)08:38 UTC+1 No.641595 Report


Wait so you have a motor with three terminals and a power lead with only two cables?
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)08:49 UTC+1 No.641597 Report

what I surmise is OP has 6 wires coming in, from who knows where, not the contactor, coz the contactor likely only has 3 wires (L1,L2,L3), and the motor has 3 terminals, as it should for a 3-phase motor.

I cant help until OP describes his shit clearly. normally, it's really simple: 3 wires come from the plug, go thru the contactor, and into the motor.
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)09:11 UTC+1 No.641600 Report

Ack. I have Two, 3 core cables going to the motor.
I need to somehow get these two 3 core cables coming from my contactors, to start the motor in star, and switch to delta. But usually motors seem to have 6 studs. This particular one has only THREE studs to terminate on.

tl;dr : 2, 3core cables, both are to be either star or delta. I hear I can't put them in parallel even with my timer switching the contacts.
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)09:12 UTC+1 No.641601 Report

also, two contactors. One star, other delta.
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)11:47 UTC+1 No.641616 Report

>How do I go about hooking this up?

Throw away that plug and get one with this.

>Probability op is trolling
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)12:43 UTC+1 No.641626 Report

I think 3-phase motor with only 3 terminals can be run only on delta or star depending on its construction. Although i have never seen 3-phase motor with three terminals, only pic related
Anonymous 05/23/14(Fri)04:09 UTC+1 No.641913 Report

the motor needs 6 terminals, and you need 3 contactors, not 2.
Anonymous 05/23/14(Fri)04:20 UTC+1 No.641918 Report

where do I get the flux capacitor?
Anonymous 05/23/14(Fri)11:27 UTC+1 No.642061 Report

Are you from aus mate? by looking at your pic.
Anonymous 05/24/14(Sat)13:08 UTC+1 No.642569 Report


how big is the motor? really weird that it only has 3 studs...

or its a single phase motor e.g.( Line, Neutral, earth)
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