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Hey /diy/, I want to set up a...
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)04:15 UTC+1 No.671839 Report

Hey /diy/, I want to set up a pinhole camera and audio recording system that links to a mini dvr in my car on the passenger side that faces the driver side window. I would like the mic on the driver side.

Looking to record the cops who constantly abuse my rights by illegally searching my vehicle.

Also how can I make this stuff seamless so they wouldn't be able to spot it?

Best pinhole camera's audio nice mini dvr any opinions or input is welcome
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)04:33 UTC+1 No.671847 Report

First things first you need to look into your local laws.
Florida has some bullshit law about recording people without their consent that would get you in trouble, you need to make sure there is nothing similar to that where you live
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)07:14 UTC+1 No.671902 Report

Yea secretly recording conversations without consent can easily do more harm than good depending on the state.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)07:28 UTC+1 No.671907 Report


I doubt it applies to public areas though, which, if its taping the outside of a car window, its safe to assume he had intent to only video tape in public areas i.e. streets and highways.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)07:37 UTC+1 No.671910 Report

do what this guy did op.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)19:26 UTC+1 No.672105 Report

wow, can anyone say overkill?
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)21:17 UTC+1 No.672150 Report

More importantly, it doesn't apply to public servants acting in their capacity as agents of the government.

It is never illegal to film a policeman carrying out his duty.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)21:48 UTC+1 No.672165 Report


Exactly, in my state it's not illegal to video tape an officer.

With that being said any clever ways to conceal this type of camera?
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)00:54 UTC+1 No.672263 Report

pretty sure just the mirror camera would suffice
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)02:33 UTC+1 No.672298 Report


I don't think you understand the issue.

There is a difference between openly recording a cop and recording a cop with hidden pin hole cameras and mics.

There are laws out there that basically preserve a reasonable expectation of privacy between parties of a conversation. It can be illegal to record a the conversation of a party without their knowledge or consent. This is pretty much stuff intended to prevent wiretapping and whatnot but there are cases out there where secretly recording cops has resulted in defendants facing charges, fines, and even jail time, regardless of what the cop was doing in the recording.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)02:50 UTC+1 No.672306 Report

> its safe to assume he had intent to only video tape in public areas i.e. streets and highways.

"In the 2001 case of Commonwealth v. Hyde, a gentleman was stopped while driving his car, took offense to the manner in which he was being treated and so surreptitiously activated an audio recording device. He later took that recording to the local police department in support of his grievance, that recording was collected from him and was later used at trial in support of the complaint for wiretap violations. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upheld the jury's conviction. In support, they cited the plain language of the statute, which prohibits any secret audio recordings, not made within limited exceptions. They further ruled that the law applied whether the target of the surveillance was a police officer or not."

>"whether the target of the surveillance was a police officer or not."
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)03:10 UTC+1 No.672321 Report

Don't you love it when laws protect the evil? Fuck this society.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)03:40 UTC+1 No.672339 Report

How about we discuss what it is you're doing that is giving them an excuse to want to search your vehicle? Are you a pot smoker, for instance?
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)03:46 UTC+1 No.672345 Report

You're obviously white.
Not OP but in the early 2000s I got pulled over probably a dozen times for 'driving erratically' or being suspicious or whatever, when I was driving exactly the speed limit because I was trying to avoid being pulled over.
I was blessed with curly hair and olive skin. You can make the connection.
People have been pulled over for bumper stickers.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)04:43 UTC+1 No.672375 Report

If you're implying that the OP is getting hassled by the pigs for 'DWB' (Driving While Black) then I somehow doubt it. Might be for 'DWT' (Driving While Teenager)..
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)04:49 UTC+1 No.672379 Report

You do realize that he was convicted for SECRETLY recording the police officer. Had he done it in the open, there wouldn't have been an issue.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)04:52 UTC+1 No.672383 Report

>Veterans Against Police Abuse
Probably this guy is the kind of "vet" that thinks that having been in the military means he is inherently better than everyone else and is owed something by everyone else.

For those of you that don't know: there are more shitty people in the military than extraordinary ones.

As to the video: the guy is clearly trying to get into a confrontation to "prove his point".
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)04:54 UTC+1 No.672384 Report

It isn't illegal, generally, to film a police officer as long as doing so doesn't interfere with their duties.

It IS generally illegal to SECRETLY record ANYONE anywhere.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)05:03 UTC+1 No.672386 Report


Exactly, just get a bumper sticker that says "You are always being recorded"
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)05:07 UTC+1 No.672389 Report

Not good enough. It needs to be distinct.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)06:36 UTC+1 No.672428 Report

This kind of stuff is doable in most states, you just have to make sure beforehand.

If not you could make it known that you are recording, though there is a high probability that your tech will be turned off/confiscated.

I mean if you could hide the mic exceptionally well to the point that it would take an exorbitant amount of effort to retrieve/turn off the mic, even with you informing a cop of its location, the odds might be in your favor, or at least you'd get a good laugh.

Maybe it's padlocked and the key is at your house and there is nothing that can be done about it? Other than, knowing that the car is bugged, they take you fair distance from the vehicle and then beat the shit out of you haha.

You could also publicize your recording anonymously through other outlets such as youtube, though assuming you're going to be in the video, in your car, etc, this might be difficult.

An open recording setup is probably a better solution though. As much as I hate cops I think that announcing your recording setup would prompt most cops to be on good behavior (given that you're not being a dick to them) rather than confiscating your gear.

Fuck da police.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)10:32 UTC+1 No.672471 Report

No, it "generally" isn't.

In most jurisdictions, it's unlawful to record someone when they have an expectation of privacy. There are many situations where you don't have an expectation of privacy, including but not limited to:

- you're in public*
- you're in private property, uninvited
- you're acting in your capacity as a representative of the government

* see, for instance, the recent NYC subway upskirt non-conviction.
Ellie 07/24/14(Thu)21:57 UTC+1 No.672692 Report

>An open recording setup is probably a better solution though.

I know of at least one case where the citizen's "open" recording solution disappeared while his vehicle was impounded. He has video (redundant storage ftw) of the police stop, of the vehicle being towed, of the police searching the vehicle at impound and discovering the camera, and then -nothing-

Citizen in question's on-person microrecorder was also seized and disabled before questioning. During Q, he claims he was threatened at gunpoint by a police officer while stress-position handcuffed to a chair in the mobile command center. I am inclined to believe him.

This occurred when the citizen refused to consent to a search at a DUI checkpoint. He was arrested and blood tested and was not intoxicated or drugged. All charges were dropped except resisting arrest.

Listen closely, you can hear the straws breaking the camel's back.
Anonymous 07/25/14(Fri)01:03 UTC+1 No.672768 Report

just get a car camera, they're pretty cheap, and are of decent quality now. I wired mine up so I don't have to use the cigarette lighter adapter and it blends in with the rear view mirror area. They also record when you start the car so you don't have to mess with it all the time.
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)21:08 UTC+1 No.673596 Report


How about we discuss the technical specifics of OP's project instead of derailing the whole fucking thread over what the law is or why he is being stopped in the first place.

Just assume that OP has beeen made aware of the risks (if he didnt already know) and move the fuck on
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