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Hey /diy/ so I'm not sure...
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)20:55 UTC+1 No.663997 Report

Hey /diy/ so I'm not sure if this goes in here or the auto forum, figured I'd ask here first.so here's the thing,I have a 2004 jeep liberty sport, and I want to add the option to turn my brake lights on with a 2 way switch,(as well as having them work as normal as well) my plan for this is to just solder a simple switch into the circuit and drill a small hole in the dash and put the switch there.what do you guys think? Good idea? Better ideas? I haven't taken anything off the vehicle yet to look at the wiring. Btw my skills include soldering, basic circuit knowledge, basic car knowledge.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)22:07 UTC+1 No.664026 Report

Why do you want to be able to toggle your brake lights?

I also have a Liberty. 2006.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)23:28 UTC+1 No.664045 Report


It's a fairly simple job, but I aint telling you how to do it unless you justify exactly why you want to be able to do this. Concerned this sounds like an insurance scam, the ability to turn your brake lights off is a bloody stupid idea....
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)23:47 UTC+1 No.664051 Report

Pretty sure this is an insurance scam in the making as well
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)00:44 UTC+1 No.664084 Report

He didn't ask the moral implications, he didn't even ask how to do it.

If you're doing something fishy, hide the switch. I've got a few hidden switches myself under the seat and dash. Otherwise into the dash seems fine.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)01:34 UTC+1 No.664120 Report

The reason I'm doing it isn't for an insurance scam, I can see that being a viable application of it though.the main reason is this.I live in an extreme shore town, during the summer it's beyond hectic driving here. People are constantly tailgating you even if you're going faster then the speed limit. I just wanted one so when someone gets too close I could flip it on and get them to back away, to prevent an accident. The amount of fender benders we have because of out of towners is ridiculoud, and I don't want to be one of those people who gets rear ended, seeing as I'm barely scraping by and an accident will make me lose the small amount of money I have. Maybe I'll think twice about though, because it could really be a liability if the insurance finds out
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)01:35 UTC+1 No.664121 Report

What kind of hidden switches do you have though? Just curious
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)02:09 UTC+1 No.664140 Report

agree'd what's going on here.
Ellie 07/08/14(Tue)02:21 UTC+1 No.664148 Report

Fun Fact, members of the Manson clan used to do this to get cops to chase them.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)02:22 UTC+1 No.664149 Report

If you wire the switch to act as a bypass for the brake pedal sensor, you'll be able to turn the brake lights on and off as you please. A scammer wouldn't be able to turn that particular configuration into an always-off device, so I'm not suggesting anything shady here.

I do, however, recommend you use a momentary switch for this instead of a regular flip-on, flip-off switch.

If you have trouble finding your pedal sensor wires, dig around online - Jeep forums and such - and look for a PDF copy of your Jeep's Factory Service Manual. In there, you'll find literally everything there is to know about your Liberty, including where those wires are.

Good luck with it!
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)02:23 UTC+1 No.664152 Report

> I could flip it on and get them to back away
Probe your brake switch (on the brake pedal) with a test light. Do they turn the brake lights on with +12v or a ground connection? Hook up your toggle switch to match.
Runna Spirit-Caller 07/08/14(Tue)02:25 UTC+1 No.664153 Report

Just practice lightly pressing the brakes until you find the spot where the light comes on but there is no noticeable effect. You don't need to slam your foot to the floor and screech to a halt in the middle of the road just to flicker the brake lights. Easy.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)02:44 UTC+1 No.664161 Report

>If you wire the switch to act as a bypass for the brake pedal sensor, you'll be able to turn the brake lights on and off as you please.
>I do, however, recommend you use a momentary switch for this instead of a toggle switch.

Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)02:58 UTC+1 No.664164 Report

..OK, I might accept this as plausible.

Of course you don't need to do it at all. It's an automatic transmission I assume, so you have your left foot free. Brakelights will come on before your brakes actually grab, so all you have to do is keep your right foot on the accelerator pedal an press down lightly on the brake pedal with the left to get the lights to come on. No modification required.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)04:09 UTC+1 No.664187 Report

All this is unnecessary. With most vehicles you can rest your foot on the brake and the brake light will go on before the brakes engage. Just slight pressure and the lights should illuminate. I do this shit all the time when I drive in the city to keep fuckers off my ass. Just like >>664153 says.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)05:12 UTC+1 No.664200 Report

>mfw left foot breaking for the first time
nearly went through the fucking windscreen
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)06:49 UTC+1 No.664231 Report


just have your hazard light switch on?
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)15:44 UTC+1 No.664378 Report

>you make that kind of adjustment to your braking system,
>get in an accident,
>vehicle gets towed,
>insurance adjuster discovers non standard brake lighting,
insurance is 100% voided.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)16:58 UTC+1 No.664392 Report
File: images-6.jpg-(125x84)
I love all these Captain...
I love all these Captain America do-gooders and skeptics spouting off negative hypothetical consequences of what different anons are attempting to do and acting holier than thou on a board where people are trying to help each other.

>might accept this as plausible
No on gives a fuck about your acceptance. Stfu and go eat some donuts you fatty internet police wannabe.
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)02:07 UTC+1 No.664595 Report

If you tap into the break pedal switch for your manual switch, hitting it will disengage cruise. Keep that in mind if you end up doing it.
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)18:30 UTC+1 No.664956 Report

Is a valid solution.
However, if they were tailgating you to begin with, wouldn't they just continue to tailgate you when they realize you're not actually slowing down?
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)19:33 UTC+1 No.664983 Report

Rear fog lights work as a charm. They are also way more powerfull and clearly say fuck off (also doesn't cut out the cruise control). Could also make the follower angry, but so does someone braking for no reason. In any case the follower will try to overtake at any cost, but with the foglights you atleast aren't sending mixed signals. If you want braking lights - just lightly press brakes.
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)19:49 UTC+1 No.664988 Report

if your brake pedal is properly adjusted, the brake pedal sensor should engage before the pedal travels far enough to engage the brakes. just press your brake pedal lightly.
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)19:49 UTC+1 No.664989 Report

>having full coverage on a 04'
It's worth like $4-5000. Insuring that would be a waste of money at least where I'm at.
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)19:57 UTC+1 No.664992 Report

and OP is not going to stop people wake drifting behind him with some flashy lights.

the reason people tailgate are twofold: crappy road networks that were planned over a hundred years ago for horse and carriage. as traffic increased there was a needed for traffic control. traffic control algorithms are written to encourage tailgating. where I live, if a car doesnt pass over the pressure sensor quickly enough after the car in front, it changes and rather than breeze through a run of six traffic lights through the CBD, you will stop at every single one.

people believe risking their lives and expensive cars in order to gain a slight increase in fuel economy is reasonable. supposidly tailgating actually saves fuel because the car in front disrupts the air, reducing air resistance of the car behind.

all you can do is box those fuckers in when they tailgate or speed. if you see someone lane jumping through a street, drive slowly, if its multi lane, try driving just slightly ahead of the person in the next lane. not parallel so you're in their blind spot. stop them, slow down, annoy them.
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)14:16 UTC+1 No.665838 Report

first and foremost, op is a fag
secondly, the brake light switch engages before you put pressure on the master cylinder so resting your left foot on the brake will turn on the brake lights.
also you can turn on your headlights which will turn on your tail lights, which people will mistake for your brake lights.
more importantly op, you need to be watching the road in front of you not the person behind you, secondly looking into a mirror is misleading, and you can't judge the distance of the car behind you, a good rule of thumb is 3 seconds, which can seem kind of close when you're going 30 mph.
I personally drive a small car, that is also lowered, it puts my headlights, front bumper, and hood below the field of vision of most cars rear view mirrors so people in trucks think I'm tailgating them even though I'm a good 5-6 seconds behind them. I can see them keep looking in their rear view all mad because they can't see my headlights. I've had people try to brake check me even though I was really far behind them and I could safely stop with more than enough time.
lastly op, you need to drive at a pace that is comfortable and safe for you, but isn't preventing the flow of traffic, you don't need to take every speed limit literally, I would suggest making it so you can't see out of your rear view mirror by putting it to one side, there is no reason to look behind you at all while you're driving in a straight line in a single lane.
If driving is that much of a burden on you, sell your car and take the bus, make it the short one since you're clearly a special needs autistic child.
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)14:34 UTC+1 No.665841 Report

Thank god people drive perfectly and never rear-end anyone because they were too close to the car they were tailgating.to stop in time.
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)15:43 UTC+1 No.665869 Report

Are you that fucking stupid? I'm not talking about your POS Liberty. If you were to modify your brake lights and somehow that contributed to an accident, your insurance is voided, means you are at fault and have no coverage. You pay for the other vehicle plus get sued personally for injuries.
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