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Anonymous 04/12/14(Sat)22:04 UTC+1 No.624534 Report

Hey everyone I'm looking to lay a 4x3 foot section of tile for under my aquarium. There is going to be carpet in the rest of the room which is on a concrete pad. I'm wondering if I could lay the tile on a piece of plywood and just set the piece on top of the concrete.im hoping to find a way to make the tile easily removable if I later want to move the tank and patch the carpet. Thanks
Anonymous 04/13/14(Sun)02:02 UTC+1 No.624629 Report

No, lay the tile directly on the concrete. It won't be easy to move either way because the carpet will have a 4x3 hole if you move it.

If you put it on plywood it will flex and crack the grout between the tiles.

If you REALLY want to use the plywood anyway, don't use grout between the tiles. Lay the tiles normally but use a latex caulk that matches grout. It will be available where you get the tile. A tube of it fits in a typical caulking gun.
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